3 reasons to organize a workspace in a bedroom

3 reasons to organize a workspace in a bedroom

Yes, we know.

If you work in the same room you sleep in, you won’t get enough quality sleep. Or, if you sleep in the same room you work in, you’ll have a hard time focusing on the tasks – your brain will be in the “relax mode”. Because that’s how our brains work.

But… is it?

For some people, yes. However, after years of living in homes with a workspace-bedroom combo here’s what we learned:

  1. Work – not the workspace – is the reason we don’t get enough sleep.
  2. We can procrastinate everywhere – not just near the bed.

We also learned there’s almost no such thing as a big-enough apartment. And that’s why we’d like you to reconsider the workspace-in-the-bedroom option.

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Home renovation in four steps: step four

Home renovation in four steps: step four

We are so excited for this final step.

You see, now we get to believe we helped some of you design your perfect home, or at least inspired you to start thinking about beautifying your apartment and simplifying your everyday life through interior design. Because maybe, some of you read our Home renovation in four steps series and thought: “I really think I can do this!”

Because you can do this.

If you follow us on Instagram, you know we have this #motivationmonday thing going on. One of our favorite quotes from brilliant Bernard Tschumi is: “I always insist that architecture is not about the knowledge of form, but the form of knowledge. But we [architects] are not the only ones who have the right to talk about this form of knowledge, others can talk about it, too.”

We are architects who are also bloggers. Sometimes, we like to think we design cards. Petra loves photography and Tina wants to write a children’s book. Probably about a little girl who loves water but hates when her hands get wet. #greatideaforabook

So yes, you can do this.

To prove it to you, in our final step we will not show you yet another amazing interior, designed to its last detail, by a team of professional architects and designers.

We will show you a home. A simple home, from our favorite decorator who works in a designer furniture store, but is sometimes a flower designer plus a make-up artist. Continue reading “Home renovation in four steps: step four”

Tips and tricks for a beautiful home workspace

Tips and tricks for a beautiful home workspace

Raise your hand if you don’t have and don’t need a work space in your home… That’s what we thought so, only a few of you raised it. We feel like today it’s almost impossible not to have a workspace in your home. Most of us go straight to our computer right after we take our shoes off when entering the apartment – whether it’s to search for some holiday inspiration and check your social media or hop on to some ‘off work’ work. For us, it’s the last one most of the time.

Whether you’re in the first group or in the second one you’ll have to agree with us it’s important to have a good, organized and clutter-free workspace. Continue reading “Tips and tricks for a beautiful home workspace”