3 ideas for pantry organization

3  ideas for pantry organization

“If I buy a new apartment and design it perfectly, will you write about it on your blog like you did about Lana’s and Nikola’s apartment?” – asked Ana the other day.

“Well sure, but apartment doesn’t have to be new, nor designed perfectly, to be featured on our blog.”

“But I only have a few lovely corners in my current home, and the rest of the space is – meh.”

Now, you probably don’t know Ana, which is a shame – because she’s actually the most beautiful and the funniest girl, who occasionally makes a great point. You see, from the beginning of our blog adventure, we wanted upgradesign to be about both design and upgrades.

About home improvements, no matter how small.

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How to design a storage

How to design a storage

“Wait, what? Now I have to design my storage? There’s no end to this!”

Well, speaking of function,  it is more important to design small rooms in the apartment than the big ones. Big rooms will probably be functional just because they are big. Small rooms tend to become useless or even worse, cluttered. Speaking of aesthetics, of course, you’ll pay more attention to the main rooms.

Still, there are two reasons for storage design:

  1. you’ll have specific space for each and every item and you won’t be spending so much time cleaning and decluttering
  2. you won’t hoard useless stuff since you don’t have a place for it. (it’s a win-win really because sometimes you don’t need more space, you just need less stuff)

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3 things to have in mind while designing a studio apartment

3 things to have in mind while designing a studio apartment

There are so many great blog posts and articles about beautiful studio apartments that makes us wish we lived in one. They are all clutter-free, bright and cozy.
People who live in studios might be surprised by the fact that we really believe that those gorgeous apartments are not just make-believe scenes for photo shoots. Of course, there are few important things to have in mind while designing a studio apartment and it can be very helpful to pay attention to those details when you see photos of an interior that you like.

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