Design your home to sustainability

Design your home to sustainability

We rarely talk about it, but we are both obsessed with recycling and waste reduction. A recycling station is a standard part of our home, and we dedicated as much of thought into its design, as we did into the design of any other corner in our apartments. And we’re always finding ways to upgrade it and share new ideas with each other.

When you think about it, recycling is almost a way to practice mindfulness – you have to be aware of the things you’re throwing away, carefully separate different materials, rinse if necessary. It’s completely opposite from tossing everything into a trash can.

It definitely takes some time to create this habit.

And the fact is, there’s not much to do to create a habit than to simply create a habit. Not to confuse simple with easy, though.

However, we do have a list of easy things you could start doing today to design your home to sustainability.

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