RÄS studio used rediscovered attic space for a new mezzanine floor in La Domenique apartment remodel: RÄS - La Domenique

RÄS studio used rediscovered attic space for a new mezzanine floor in la Domenique apartment remodel

This Barcelona-based studio seems to amaze us more and more with every new project. They are doing a great job at seizing opportunities of every apartment they design.

We love the simple designer’s tricks they use to give the apartment exactly what it needs. With every look at their interiors, you can discover a new amazing detail you’ve never noticed before.Read More »

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The ultimate guide to partition walls

Partiton walls are all walls in your apartment that are not load-bearing. They are usually thinner (8-15 cm) and easier to take down. It is often possible to remove entire partition wall since it won’t affect the structural system. However, in older buildings and during a certain amount of time, even partition brick walls might start to behave as load-bearing walls which is something that can create structural problems and extra costs in apartment reconstruction.

If you’re planning an apartment reconstruction, you probably have a new layout in mind which usually means taking down old walls and building new ones. Choosing the right material for partition walls can have a big impact on your budget, duration of reconstruction, and in the end, your everyday life.Read More »