5 ways home remodel is just like taking a vacation

5 ways home remodel is just like taking a vacation

Did you know that statistically, twelve out of thirteen people choose a vacation over a home remodel?

It is weird, isn’t it? Also, it is a lie. Or maybe a lucky guess. There’s really no way to know.

However, skipping a vacation to start a remodel makes sense – all of the sudden, you find yourself with an extra amount of money and free time. To successfully finish a remodel, you need both.

But would you give up something you were probably looking forward to for a long period of time, to do something that’s not really enjoyable until it’s over?

While discussing this topic – over the phone, since one of us is on the vacation and the other one is in the middle of a living room remodel (hey, maybe the vacation:remodel ratio is 50:50!) – we came to a conclusion: there’s really no need to choose between a vacation and a remodel, because home remodel is just like (if not better than) taking a vacation.

Now, we can see you, skeptic Reader, shaking your head with disapproval. But bare with us, as we elaborate. Continue reading “5 ways home remodel is just like taking a vacation”