New Year’s resolution or How we designed 2018

New Year’s resolution or How we designed 2018

Another year over and a new one just begun . . .

How did this happen? It seems like only yesterday we were making all the big plans for this year.

To tell you the truth, a few years back, we weren’t big fans of new year’s resolutions. Mostly because we (like most people) usually set some impossible goals knowing deep inside we won’t achieve them. And there’s nothing worse than goals that are simply too general – like eating healthier, being a better person, being more organized – because there’s no way to know if you achieved them. Or to decide are you doing good enough. So you end up feeling like you failed.

And that’s not a way to start a new year, is it?

So we decided to try something different this year and we thought maybe you’ll join us. The weekend before New Year feels like a perfect moment for planning a fresh start. The perfect moment for becoming the best versions of ourselves, and for creating the best version of our blog. Continue reading “New Year’s resolution or How we designed 2018”