How to bring the magic of Christmas into your home

How to bring the magic of Christmas into your home

We love Christmas as much as we love the home interior design. Okay, maybe we love Christmas a little bit more, but it would be weird to start a Christmas blog and post Christmas related posts all year long. Or would it?

Well anyhow,  we think about Christmas decorating the same way we think about our other projects. We like to choose timeless over trendy (which is a great way to avoid buying new ornaments every year), we like to work with natural materials and neutral colours, and we like to keep things simple.

Cold winter weather – at least here where we live. Foggy days and long nights. Blankets and socks. Sparkling lights. Peace. Laughter. Mulled wine.

To bring the magic of Christmas into your home means to enhance the ambience already set outside, and to enable the feel-good activities. Continue reading “How to bring the magic of Christmas into your home”

Acts of kindness

Acts of kindness

We are so happy to start our second edition of Christmas posts – and not just because we are keeping this blog alive for more than an entire year – but because we love Christmas.

We get so caught up in the magic of Christmas. We start listening to Christmas songs way too early. We thoughtfully choose gifts and explore new ways to wrap them up. We bake cookies. So many cookies.

And the decorations! It’s really the best time of the year.

But last year, a mind-shifting thing happened. Can you bear with us as we’re painting the picture of that moment?

We had just finished the last round of Christmas shopping, sat in the car and were on our way to get home. Since one of us refuses to get a drivers licence, it’s not unusual to see us shopping together, especially if big purchases are about to happen.

And then there was this news on the radio. One Croatian daily news website asked children from home for children without parental care – to write a list of their Christmas wishes. Everyone could go on the website, see the list, and choose something to gift. By the end of that day, or maybe by the end of the next day, the wishes came true. People feeling generous during the Christmas time doesn’t really come as a surprise.

But you should’ve seen that list. One little girl wished for a box of cookies. One boy wished for a pair of football socks. Because he thought ground boots are too much to ask for. Continue reading “Acts of kindness”