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20 Instagram accounts you should follow today to inspire you tomorrow

There’s nothing as tempting as that snooze button the moment the alarm sets off.

But you never actually hear someone saying: “I’m so glad I hit the snooze like 30 times this morning.” Nothing good snoozing ever brought to anyone, yet it still exists. Is there somewhere an evil genius collecting a royalty for her/his invention that’s making the entire world – too late?

According to wonderful lifestyle blogs we follow, number one way to make yourself stop snoozing is to plan a morning activity you enjoy.

After months of planning morning yoga but ending up snoozing, and planning to journal but ending up snoozing, and planning lovely breakfasts but ending up snoozing again, we realized it’s also important to plan a morning activity you really enjoy and not the one you wish you enjoyed.

While we admit scrolling through Instagram feed is not the most mindful way to spend the beginning of your day, we can guarantee it’s the perfect transition from sleepy, lazy self to inspired and energetic better-self.

That’s why we created a collection of 20 of our favorite Instagram accounts. The ones that inspire us every morning to get up and do something just as beautiful.Read More »