How to wrap gifts like an architect

How to wrap gifts like an architect

Don’t judge a book by its cover.
It’s inside that counts.

But do you feel like packaging is as important as a gift inside?

Because we kinda do.

Nice gift wrap is like a cute outfit. You wouldn’t waste it on a mediocre event, right? So if you want to show someone you tried really hard to find the perfect gift, take some time to make it pretty.

Now, if you want to wrap a gift like an architect, make sure the paper, once wrapped around, looks neat. For edges, use the scotch-tape that’s almost invisible (the matt-looking tape instead of the glossy one). To attach decorations, use washi tape. And use boxes for everything whit irregular shape. Aren’t those messy gifts the worst? Continue reading “How to wrap gifts like an architect”

How to be the best Secret Santa

How to be the best Secret Santa

Secret Santa is a Christmas tradition in my office. A budget for a gift is limited to 30-40hrk (which equals 6$ or 5€). Two years ago, I got an extendable fork with the note „May the fork be with you“ from my Secret Santa.
You see, I love good food and I love Star Wars, so this was the perfect gift if you ask me. 🙂

When it comes to gift giving – it’s a thought that counts.

We really believe that. That’s why we don’t like to give thoughtless gifts. And no one likes to receive a thoughtless gift.

As a Secret Santa, you have the opportunity to give an amazing gift without anyone knowing it’s from you – and you have the opportunity to give a crappy gift without anyone knowing it’s from you. Well, at least during the Christmas time, we’re all about spreading joy.

We created a go-to list of gift ideas we think work every time. Their secret is in simplicity and adaptability. And also in the fact, you don’t have to break the bank to show someone you thought about them. We actually think they are great gifts to give to anyone, but they probably work the best when given to someone who doesn’t expect much.

*If you have any ideas what to give to someone with high expectations, please share in the comments section. We’re starting to feel anxious, and it’s not even December yet. Continue reading “How to be the best Secret Santa”

Christmas gift guide for little architects

Christmas gift guide for little architects

The title should probably be “Christmas gift guide from architects to little ones”. You see, the other day, one of our dearest friends said: “You do understand that it is you who loves that gift, not your toddler niece/nephew?” However, she also believes that children books and toys should show good design as much as they have to have educational content.

For us, rules for choosing toys are the same as for choosing furniture:

  1. Timeless over trendy
  2. Quality materials
  3. High aesthetic value
  4. Inspired, creative ideas that brought old-fashioned item to the next level

Continue reading “Christmas gift guide for little architects”