Tink Things – a sensory furniture your kids are gonna love

Tink Things – a sensory furniture your kids are gonna love

Remember when we wrote a post about what kids can teach us about interior design? Well, one of the things was Kids need to have their space in the apartment, just like grown-ups do.

We all invest in great furniture pieces for ourselves, but we often buy a pour quality furniture for our kids because we have this thought in the back of our mind that they’ll soon grow out of it. So why invest in something they’ll use just for a short period of time?
But our kids need to learn early on about good quality design and learn to take care of valuable things. And if those pieces will improve their learning and growth, even better!

Kids simply amaze us, they always surprise us, the way they see things around them, how their imagination works are astonishing.
And also how playful they are, they just can’t calm down!

Remember how hard it was to sit still in a school chair? Raise your hand if your teacher told you a billion times to stop rocking in your chair. Well, up until now no one really thought about why kids do that? Why they can’t simply sit still? And furniture for kids was always just a smaller version of a grownup furniture.

Not anymore!

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