Houseplants care guide for autumn and winter with Botanike

Houseplants care guide for autumn and winter with Botanike

Plants have needs, just like we all do. You probably know that plant’s needs change as the season change and houseplants are very much affected by all the outdoor changes.

And here’s the thing… a few years back we both have killed a few plants just because we didn’t think (and know) they need a special care during autumn and winter and the sad thing is we probably could have saved them if we kept them till summer.

Now we are older and smarter and know a bit more about plant care. We also have great friends that know everything there is to know about plants – our friends from Botanike.
Their studio combines architecture, horticulture and design with the goal of comprehensive space design in which nature is an inevitable part.

So we asked them about a plant care during these gloomy seasons to help you keep all those plants alive and ready for spring and summer. Continue reading “Houseplants care guide for autumn and winter with Botanike”

Outofbox, into our home – can a good quality design also be affordable?

Outofbox, into our home – can a good quality design also be affordable?

Remember when we wrote about the idea of a capsule interior? It all started because of a long living trend of capsule wardrobe which we love and actually trying to live by.

Well, we truly think that the same logic could be applied to interior and furniture design. Think about it… instead of dozens of temporary designs, how about you start to work on, basically, a capsule interior? That’s what architects and designers do.

When we’re about to start an interior project or to design a building, we always think of it as a timeless piece. We want our projects to be ‘trendy’ in a few decades, just like they are now. We want to see people enjoying our interiors the same way they enjoyed it the first time they stepped inside.

And the same goes for furniture.

That’s why we were absolutely stunned when we recently came across Outofbox – a new Croatian brand for interior design. Continue reading “Outofbox, into our home – can a good quality design also be affordable?”

Estúdio BRA redesigned an old house into a compact and functional home at only 4 meters wide plot

Estúdio BRA redesigned an old house into a compact and functional home at only 4 meters wide plot

Oh, what a complex task is to renovate a home! It is so difficult to decide what is good enough to keep and what needs to go.

Sometimes, the only solution is to demolish everything.

You know, like Estúdio BRA did in an old house in Pinheiros district of São Paulo, and managed to transform it from a dark house into a very bright and functional home even though it is built on a narrow plot, measuring 4x24m.

The house, now belonging to a third generation of the same family – a young couple and their dog, was overly compartmentalised space with low light and low ceilings and like that didn’t meet the expectations of the new owners. It needed to be adapted to their contemporary and sustainable lifestyle. Continue reading “Estúdio BRA redesigned an old house into a compact and functional home at only 4 meters wide plot”

Styling basics for beginners

Styling basics for beginners

We admire those people who are able to casually place a new decoration on a shelf, not even thinking about where to put it, and it instantly looks amazing… Wait, are they real, do this kind of people exist?

Well, according to Instagram accounts we’re following, they do. And we truly believe all of those amazing stylists and designers are experts in styling and we wanna be like them so bad!

It seems like styling is a big deal nowadays and we can see why. It takes a lot of trying and failing, and a really good eye to style a perfect room or a beautiful shelf. We tried and failed a hundred times before we learned what works best for us, and what we like when it comes to styling.

Continue reading “Styling basics for beginners”

Why it’s important to start with details

Why it’s important to start with details

“God is in the details.”

Such a simple sentence, yet so meaningful.

But we can’t say with a certainty we understood the real meaning behind it when we first read it. Yes, we were studying architecture, we were all about making the best of our projects, but we never really understood how important the details are. After all, we were usually working on bigger scales and those projects were not meant to be executed.

Now, when our projects end up being built, all we think about are the details. Materials. Textures. We understand that good interior is about the details and finishes. You don’t have to be an architect or a designer to know what a good interior is, and to understand the impact details have on the overall appearance of the space.

Continue reading “Why it’s important to start with details”

6 things kids can teach us about interior design

6 things kids can teach us about interior design

Remember all the things moms can teach us about interior design?

In our families, they are in charge. Well, they were – up until they got grandkids and they turned into ‘you-can-have-anything-you-want’ grandmas. To be fair, this is not the case all the time, but we all know sometimes it’s easier to give up and just let the kids do what they want.

We learned a lot about interior design thanks to our moms (and chefs too). But, believe it or not, kids can also teach us a little something about interior design. We’ll dare to say, maybe even more than grown-ups.

When it comes to interior design, what kids want is often ignored. We design everything according to our needs, but what about them? Imagine living in a space where everything is just enormous and you constantly find yourself climbing to reach something you want. It’s not how we’d like to spend our time, but kids just adapt to space around them like it’s not a big deal.

So let’s see what kids can teach us about interior design. Continue reading “6 things kids can teach us about interior design”

August favourites

August favourites

So, do you think the summer is officially over or you’re watching the rain outside still hoping you’ll get to swim a couple of times more this year?
We got to admit we love Indian summer. If only we can for sure say we’ll get to enjoy it by the sea somewhere.

We had some time off this August. It was short but sweet and we still wish it could’ve lasted a bit longer. But when you know you’re somewhere for a short period of time you plan your time better. And we did just that!

Now we’re back in the city, happy that our plants survived our time off. We’re helping our sisters decorate a toddler bedroom and waiting for the wall tiles for Tina’s kitchen and for Nina’s kitchen too (can’t wait for these makeovers).
Also, I was so sad my quick vacation was over I did some online shopping to cure the depression.

It worked!

So we decided to make the August list of our favourites.

Enjoy! Continue reading “August favourites”