Architects used OSB for a complete transformation of an old apartment in Zagreb

Architects used OSB for a complete transformation of an old apartment in Zagreb

As you probably know by now, we love to feature amazing interiors on our blog. Interiors that are designed by architects and that are full of amazing details and smart solutions. We do think it is important to bring the architecture a bit closer to everyone, after all, we are surrounded by it, but not many of us really understand how complex it is.

Every interior we shared earlier was designed by architects we love and admire – for their clients. Their clients, who came with a list of things they wanted in their home. And to make those wishes come true is a part of architects’ job.

But today we have something a little bit different for you.

Today, we’re glad to show you an amazing apartment our friends and colleagues – architects, Lana and Nikola, designed for themselves. And we’re going to explain the background work, and smart decisions, behind that project.


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New Year’s resolution or How we designed 2018

New Year’s resolution or How we designed 2018

Another year over and a new one just begun . . .

How did this happen? It seems like only yesterday we were making all the big plans for this year.

To tell you the truth, a few years back, we weren’t big fans of new year’s resolutions. Mostly because we (like most people) usually set some impossible goals knowing deep inside we won’t achieve them. And there’s nothing worse than goals that are simply too general – like eating healthier, being a better person, being more organized – because there’s no way to know if you achieved them. Or to decide are you doing good enough. So you end up feeling like you failed.

And that’s not a way to start a new year, is it?

So we decided to try something different this year and we thought maybe you’ll join us. The weekend before New Year feels like a perfect moment for planning a fresh start. The perfect moment for becoming the best versions of ourselves, and for creating the best version of our blog. Continue reading “New Year’s resolution or How we designed 2018”

How to wrap gifts like an architect

How to wrap gifts like an architect

Don’t judge a book by its cover.
It’s inside that counts.

But do you feel like packaging is as important as a gift inside?

Because we kinda do.

Nice gift wrap is like a cute outfit. You wouldn’t waste it on a mediocre event, right? So if you want to show someone you tried really hard to find the perfect gift, take some time to make it pretty.

Now, if you want to wrap a gift like an architect, make sure the paper, once wrapped around, looks neat. For edges, use the scotch-tape that’s almost invisible (the matt-looking tape instead of the glossy one). To attach decorations, use washi tape. And use boxes for everything whit irregular shape. Aren’t those messy gifts the worst? Continue reading “How to wrap gifts like an architect”

How to design a kitchen island

How to design a kitchen island

Not sure if we’ve ever had a client who didn’t want a kitchen island.

It doesn’t really come as  a surprise since there are so many ways to use one:

– extra food preparation area (and we who cook at home know there’s no such thing as too much free worktop)
– a place for your guests to gather around
– a place for serving finger food or entrees when hosting dinner parties
– storage space
– a place for eating breakfast – or any other meal for that matter

But to design a kitchen island that will serve you the best, you need to consider both the way you want to use it and the size of your kitchen. And even though you don’t want to hear this, the size of your kitchen has the final saying in this decision.

The truth is, sometimes the kitchen island does more damage than good. Continue reading “How to design a kitchen island”

2018 free printable calendar

2018 free printable calendar

Oh, the December. Isn’t it weird how you want it to last forever but also feel like you have to start planning for the next year?

We are ashamed to admit, but we have our editorial calendar filled up only until the end of this month. Who knows what are we going to write about in January? Since things are about to get pretty messy for us, we thought maybe you’re also in trouble!

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How to light up your home in 3 simple steps

How to light up your home in 3 simple steps

Does this sound familiar? You carefully chose every piece of furniture, you perfectly combined materials and colours, you brought in just enough decorations and styled them like a pro. You completely transformed your bathroom and moved the kitchen fixtures to the opposite side of the room. You remodelled your home.

And luminaires? Well, you left them where they were. It’s not simple nor cheap to change the position of light fixtures.

We agree, it’s not. But interior lighting is such an important part of home design, it should never be overlooked. How to design interior lighting? We’re glad you asked!

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