How to wrap gifts like an architect

How to wrap gifts like an architect

Don’t judge a book by its cover.
It’s inside that counts.

But do you feel like packaging is as important as a gift inside?

Because we kinda do.

Nice gift wrap is like a cute outfit. You wouldn’t waste it on a mediocre event, right? So if you want to show someone you tried really hard to find the perfect gift, take some time to make it pretty.

Now, if you want to wrap a gift like an architect, make sure the paper, once wrapped around, looks neat. For edges, use the scotch-tape that’s almost invisible (the matt-looking tape instead of the glossy one). To attach decorations, use washi tape. And use boxes for everything whit irregular shape. Aren’t those messy gifts the worst? Continue reading “How to wrap gifts like an architect”

2018 free printable calendar

2018 free printable calendar

Oh, the December. Isn’t it weird how you want it to last forever but also feel like you have to start planning for the next year?

We are ashamed to admit, but we have our editorial calendar filled up only until the end of this month. Who knows what are we going to write about in January? Since things are about to get pretty messy for us, we thought maybe you’re also in trouble!

So we decided to share with you three calendars we designed to help you stay on top of the things. They represent different approaches to the planning process, so we believe at least one of them will work for you. Continue reading “2018 free printable calendar”

How to bring the magic of Christmas into your home

How to bring the magic of Christmas into your home

We love Christmas as much as we love the home interior design. Okay, maybe we love Christmas a little bit more, but it would be weird to start a Christmas blog and post Christmas related posts all year long. Or would it?

Well anyhow,  we think about Christmas decorating the same way we think about our other projects. We like to choose timeless over trendy (which is a great way to avoid buying new ornaments every year), we like to work with natural materials and neutral colours, and we like to keep things simple.

Cold winter weather – at least here where we live. Foggy days and long nights. Blankets and socks. Sparkling lights. Peace. Laughter. Mulled wine.

To bring the magic of Christmas into your home means to enhance the ambience already set outside, and to enable the feel-good activities. Continue reading “How to bring the magic of Christmas into your home”

Styling with Advent wreath

Styling with Advent wreath

If there’s one thing we like, it’s the creative reinterpretation of traditional elements. Finding a new way to use something we’re all familiar with is as useful in architecture as it is in floral arranging and cooking.

Advent wreath was always one of our favourite Christmas traditions. Counting down weeks until Christmas is an exciting time for kids, but creating (or picking) a new wreath each year was always an exciting time for us. Because we fully decorate our homes a week before Christmas, the Advent wreath is like a little sneak peek at Christmas styling.

For years, we only used them as table centrepieces. This year, we used them to create little Christmas nooks, perfect for styling a console table in the entryway or a sideboard in the living room.

Continue reading “Styling with Advent wreath”

How to be the best Secret Santa

How to be the best Secret Santa

Secret Santa is a Christmas tradition in my office. A budget for a gift is limited to 30-40hrk (which equals 6$ or 5€). Two years ago, I got an extendable fork with the note „May the fork be with you“ from my Secret Santa.
You see, I love good food and I love Star Wars, so this was the perfect gift if you ask me. 🙂

When it comes to gift giving – it’s a thought that counts.

We really believe that. That’s why we don’t like to give thoughtless gifts. And no one likes to receive a thoughtless gift.

As a Secret Santa, you have the opportunity to give an amazing gift without anyone knowing it’s from you – and you have the opportunity to give a crappy gift without anyone knowing it’s from you. Well, at least during the Christmas time, we’re all about spreading joy.

We created a go-to list of gift ideas we think work every time. Their secret is in simplicity and adaptability. And also in the fact, you don’t have to break the bank to show someone you thought about them. We actually think they are great gifts to give to anyone, but they probably work the best when given to someone who doesn’t expect much.

*If you have any ideas what to give to someone with high expectations, please share in the comments section. We’re starting to feel anxious, and it’s not even December yet. Continue reading “How to be the best Secret Santa”

Acts of kindness

Acts of kindness

We are so happy to start our second edition of Christmas posts – and not just because we are keeping this blog alive for more than an entire year – but because we love Christmas.

We get so caught up in the magic of Christmas. We start listening to Christmas songs way too early. We thoughtfully choose gifts and explore new ways to wrap them up. We bake cookies. So many cookies.

And the decorations! It’s really the best time of the year.

But last year, a mind-shifting thing happened. Can you bear with us as we’re painting the picture of that moment?

We had just finished the last round of Christmas shopping, sat in the car and were on our way to get home. Since one of us refuses to get a drivers licence, it’s not unusual to see us shopping together, especially if big purchases are about to happen.

And then there was this news on the radio. One Croatian daily news website asked children from home for children without parental care – to write a list of their Christmas wishes. Everyone could go on the website, see the list, and choose something to gift. By the end of that day, or maybe by the end of the next day, the wishes came true. People feeling generous during the Christmas time doesn’t really come as a surprise.

But you should’ve seen that list. One little girl wished for a box of cookies. One boy wished for a pair of football socks. Because he thought ground boots are too much to ask for. Continue reading “Acts of kindness”

20 Instagram accounts you should follow today to inspire you tomorrow

20 Instagram accounts you should follow today to inspire you tomorrow

There’s nothing as tempting as that snooze button the moment the alarm sets off.

But you never actually hear someone saying: “I’m so glad I hit the snooze like 30 times this morning.” Nothing good snoozing ever brought to anyone, yet it still exists. Is there somewhere an evil genius collecting a royalty for her/his invention that’s making the entire world – too late?

According to wonderful lifestyle blogs we follow, number one way to make yourself stop snoozing is to plan a morning activity you enjoy.

After months of planning morning yoga but ending up snoozing, and planning to journal but ending up snoozing, and planning lovely breakfasts but ending up snoozing again, we realized it’s also important to plan a morning activity you really enjoy and not the one you wish you enjoyed.

While we admit scrolling through Instagram feed is not the most mindful way to spend the beginning of your day, we can guarantee it’s the perfect transition from sleepy, lazy self to inspired and energetic better-self.

That’s why we created a collection of 20 of our favorite Instagram accounts. The ones that inspire us every morning to get up and do something just as beautiful. Continue reading “20 Instagram accounts you should follow today to inspire you tomorrow”