JRKVC designed clean and functional apartment using full height bookshelf as a space divider: JRKVC - TRN Apartment Refurbishment

JRKVC designed clean and functional apartment using full height bookshelf as a space divider

Writing about our own projects tends to get quite technical. As the authors of the design, we try to explain what we did. What changed. How it was done.

Writing about interiors designed by architects we admire, is different.

We write about things we notice.

We carefully go through every image of the interior noticing all the wonderful details, while creating sentences to describe our impressions.
We write about the effect of the interior. About emotions it evokes and thoughts it inspires.

And it’s really not that hard to notice amazing design.Read More »

Maayan Zusman & Amir Navon + mentored design graduate Eilat Dar - Airy and Open apartment, Tel Aviv

Maayan Zusman and Amir Navon transformed an old-fashioned apartment into an open and airy oasis

There is something comforting in a thought “This is what everyone does”. Normal is good.

Yes, in many cases, a standard thing to do, is also a good thing to do. But that rule doesn’t really apply to interior design.

And we are not just saying that. We have an amazing, the most wonderful example for you today. The one that will make you rethink everything you thought was a good, normal thing to do in your apartment.

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IMA - Haus für Julia und Björn

Innauer-Matt Architekten designed all-wood family house in a picturesque Austrian town

The very beginning of every project is an amazing time. Wonderful and frustrating. When we know everything could happen, but also don’t see it happening. There’s an empty space – maybe an existing apartment to be remodeled, or an empty plot for a new house to be built. And we know what has to fit in that space. But it doesn’t fit.

So we calculate, combine, remove something only to add it again later. We stretch, erase and then draw again. We get angry because it’s impossible. Then we get sad because it is possible, but it doesn’t look good nor feel right. Because it feels forced and unnatural.

Yet every single time, there comes a moment when everything clears up. When we don’t even have to finish drawing the layout to know that we found the solution. That moment is the reason we sometimes find ourselves explaining to our sisters how amazing will be an apartment they’ve never seen, for people they’ve never met.

We feel that same excitement when we see a project like the one we’re about to share with you. Because we know how much effort was put into creating something so simple, so clean, and so impressive. We can relate. We can imagine that moment when everything cleared up during the design process. We can imagine someone over at the Innauer-Matt Architekten saying: “If we move master bedroom to the end of the hallway, we’ll get this clear row of private rooms. Also, bathrooms will be right next to each other to simplify the plumbing system”.Read More »

CIAA - Icaraí Apartment

CIAA designed functional small apartment painted in pastels

To answer the question why we love our jobs, we’d probably say it’s because of this: if you think of your apartment as your little world, we have a chance to literally make the world a better place for our clients.

Not just prettier, but better. Interior design combines aesthetics with functionality and treats them as equals. However, when it comes to private apartments, where a budget is also an issue, we seem to love functionality a tiny bit more. But to design space that serves its owners the best way possible is not the easiest thing to do. You see, we know what is beautiful and we could write about thousands of beautiful interiors, without really knowing if they’re functional.

At the beginning of a designing process, we ask our clients about their everyday life. Do they cook or eat outside? Do they often entertain? Do they work from home? Do they have a lot of stuff? Do they enjoy long bubble baths? Are they early birds or night owls? This is where functionality comes from.

Don’t worry if you’re not really sure what are we talking about – we found the perfect apartment to show you what we mean.Read More »

i.s.m.architecten - TDH

i.s.m.architecten designed amazingly warm and cozy concrete house

It’s no secret architects love concrete. We love to see concrete.

Since it is structural material (and not a decorative one), left visible, it has that certain honesty we are always talking about. Plus, you can’t just decide ‘this will be visible concrete’. It can be made in situ (which means poured on site into the formwork) or prefabricated, depending on the concept of your design. You should also decide if you want it to be perfectly smooth, or it’s important to have an imprinted texture of formwork. What kind of texture? Maybe just a few joints here and there. Do you want to use special aggregate or pigment to affect its color or roughness? We love that endless list of possibilities.Read More »

RÄS - La Carme: living room

RÄS studio keeps beautiful old floor tiles in La Carme apartment remodel

A good approach to interior design is to put emphasis on apartment’s strengths, fix its weaknesses, and seize its opportunities.

That’s exactly what RÄS did in this project. Read More »

EO arquitectura - Alan's apartment renovation

EO arquitectura transforms dark apartment into a beautiful and bright home

We shared details of lovely apartments and houses through previous blog posts. You should know that context is the beginning of architecture and one of the reasons we always put the link at the bottom of every photograph is to invite you to take a look at the whole project, to read the architect’s description, to find out the location of the designed interior.

The design of a renovated old house in Tuscany probably can’t be successfully applied to an apartment in a high-rise building, and it shouldn’t be. In our post ‘Floor lamps we love‘ we talked about how honesty is an important component of the design. It really is. The idea is to learn from a good project, to figure out its logic. The logic, the way a problem is solved, the way an old material is used in an inspired, new way, the way mass-production furniture is brought to the next level simply by being put in a uniquely designed space – that is something worth ”copying”.

This post is dedicated to one truly honest design. Kitchen from this apartment was one of the functional kitchens we shared on the blog. The project presents the renovation of an apartment located in a building on the ‘Eixample’ neighborhood, Barcelona.Read More »