6 things kids can teach us about interior design

6 things kids can teach us about interior design

Remember all the things moms can teach us about interior design?

In our families, they are in charge. Well, they were – up until they got grandkids and they turned into ‘you-can-have-anything-you-want’ grandmas. To be fair, this is not the case all the time, but we all know sometimes it’s easier to give up and just let the kids do what they want.

We learned a lot about interior design thanks to our moms (and chefs too). But, believe it or not, kids can also teach us a little something about interior design. We’ll dare to say, maybe even more than grown-ups.

When it comes to interior design, what kids want is often ignored. We design everything according to our needs, but what about them? Imagine living in a space where everything is just enormous and you constantly find yourself climbing to reach something you want. It’s not how we’d like to spend our time, but kids just adapt to space around them like it’s not a big deal.

So let’s see what kids can teach us about interior design. Continue reading “6 things kids can teach us about interior design”

How to organize the worst room in your home

How to organize the worst room in your home

“This is chaos!”

I’m not gonna lie to – I am domestically challenged and not particularly ashamed of that. But hearing “This is chaos!” from my three-year-old niece (!) was harsh.

Now, generally speaking, my apartment is pretty neat. It’s quite empty, truth be told, which is helpful. Also, I knew I wasn’t the best house-keeper ever, so I did everything I could during our home renovation to adapt the space to my poor skills.

But mostly, my apartment is neat thanks to my room of chaos, as Mila described it. Or the room of shame, as I like to refer to it. Continue reading “How to organize the worst room in your home”

Three rooms for fitted furniture

Three rooms for fitted furniture

Designing a home to the last detail is a tricky decision – regardless of whether you’re designing your own home or home for a client.

Although we love to see all the amazingly designed apartments (some of which we featured here), we are fully aware of the fact that the amount of money and period of time invested in those homes, most of us can’t afford.

Even though it would be nice to have perfectly designed shelves or an entire wall covered with fitted closet which is a breeze to organize, the truth is – those types of units probably wouldn’t have a significant impact to the quality of your everyday life.

If you follow us for a while now, you might have noticed we think of home renovation as a tool for improving everyday life. And it is possible to do that with fitted furniture, you just have to choose wisely where to invest. Continue reading “Three rooms for fitted furniture”

9 stations to implement in your home for a stress-free life

9 stations to implement in your home for a stress-free life

From our point of view, home improvement is actually a life-at-home improvement. Sure we like pretty things, but we like practical solutions for everyday life maybe even more.

Today we’re about to share how to simplify your house chores and find more time for the things you enjoy doing by creating little zones for a specific purpose.

These are our favourites:

1. Cleaning stations

Yes, plural.

If you think about it, a bathroom requires a different set of cleaning tools and products than a bedroom or a hallway. There’s no real reason to keep everything in one place. Actually, it’s almost impossible to keep an organized storage of your entire collection of cleaning supplies. Continue reading “9 stations to implement in your home for a stress-free life”

How to deal with people involved in your home renovation project

How to deal with people involved in your home renovation project

A home renovation tends to bring the worst out of people.


We said it.

It is stressful. And it’s not stressful because it’s hard to combine different types of tiles or choose a perfect armchair. It’s stressful because you’re about to spend a significant amount of money – maybe even loaned money. It’s stressful because you’re about to sacrifice a lot of your time – and by that, we mean free time you’re used to spending resting or having fun. And it’s stressful because it usually involves a lot of people.

Now, you get to choose how much money you’re willing to spend. You also get to choose how much time you’ll dedicate to this project. But people?

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5 steps to a spacious small home

5 steps to a spacious small home

How to make a small apartment look bigger?

Not sure that can be done. But how to make a small apartment feel spacious?

Well, that’s a whole other thing.

Now, here’s the harsh truth: just because you live in a small space does not mean you have any less stuff than anyone else.

So the usual scenario is filling up space with closets, cabinets, sofas with storage space, beds with drawers… just to provide as much storage space as possible. But more storage space inventible results with no empty space. While actually, the empty space is what you need.

So let’s see how to do that! Continue reading “5 steps to a spacious small home”

3 ideas for pantry organization

3  ideas for pantry organization

“If I buy a new apartment and design it perfectly, will you write about it on your blog like you did about Lana’s and Nikola’s apartment?” – asked Ana the other day.

“Well sure, but apartment doesn’t have to be new, nor designed perfectly, to be featured on our blog.”

“But I only have a few lovely corners in my current home, and the rest of the space is – meh.”

Now, you probably don’t know Ana, which is a shame – because she’s actually the most beautiful and the funniest girl, who occasionally makes a great point. You see, from the beginning of our blog adventure, we wanted upgradesign to be about both design and upgrades.

About home improvements, no matter how small.

And that’s exactly what we did a few weeks ago. Continue reading “3 ideas for pantry organization”