Trendy side tables that are just one click away from your home

Trendy side tables that are just one click away from your home

Are you picky? Do you have a long wishlist of things you’ll probably never buy because you’re not sure if they’re good enough? Or are you an impulse buyer?

Either way, if you’re currently trying to figure out how to easily upgrade your home, this post is for you.

At the moment, we are remodelling one living room, and we created numerous collections of furniture for our client. We tend to spend quite a lot of time choosing the perfect piece, so we thought – maybe you’d enjoy a sneak peek?

So, this is not our usual ‘Things we love‘ type of post because, let’s be real, not many people can afford the things we love. It’s a collection of beautiful, budget-friendly side tables, chosen from two of our favourite (web)shops (IKEA and ZARA HOME) – literally a click away from your living room. Or bedroom. Or entryway. Continue reading “Trendy side tables that are just one click away from your home”

5 things moms can teach us about home interior

5 things moms can teach us about home interior

In our families, moms are in charge. They are housekeepers. They are chefs. They are party planners. They do pretty much everything around the house.

They are home designers, of course. And over the years, we realized there is so much to learn about a functional home from, not just our moms, but mothers in general. Because most of them manage to create a functional home for their families, often regardless of the size, or layout, or style of the apartment.

The statements we chose to share with you, are the ones that differ from the things we’d usually advise. Because, as we always try to point out, different things work for different people, and we believe it might be helpful to hear a thing or two from someone who’s not that much into the home ambience, as they are into the practical part of home design. So let’s hear them out! Continue reading “5 things moms can teach us about home interior”

Why we love raw concrete in interiors pt.2

Why we love raw concrete in interiors pt.2

Is your furniture a part of your home? Or do you see it as the stuff inside your home?

Here’s the thing.

We’re all used to see an interior as a set of layers. The first layer are surfaces that define space – walls, floors, ceilings. Then there are floor and wall finishes. Curtains and carpets, maybe. Furniture comes next, just before decorations.

And usually, that’s not only how we see interiors, but also how we design them – one layer at the time.

Actually, most of the trending homes on Pinterest are designed that way. Designed as a space filled with pretty stuff.

They look good and stylish. You probably like them. We like them, too.

Yet, you might have noticed we don’t feature that type of interiors. Partly because there’s not much to say about them, but mostly because our goal is not to show you what to buy. It’s not even to show you what we think you should like.

Most of the time, it’s not important if you like the interiors we feature. We hope you do because you probably won’t take the time to read about something you dislike, and one of the biggest fears bloggers share is publishing posts no one reads.  But what’s important is the understanding why architects/interior designers designed something the way they did, in order to learn how to use those ideas and create a space that’s ideal for you. Continue reading “Why we love raw concrete in interiors pt.2”

What makes a good interior

What makes a good interior


The first thing we notice when entering a room – and, we bet, the first thing you notice when entering a room – is the mood.

The mood that certain space sets.

When you think about all the interiors you’ve ever visited, only a few of them truly left an impact. It could be because it was unexpectedly dark and moody. It could be because you’ve never seen anything similar. Or it could be because you never thought an all-white apartment could be so cosy.

To create an ambience is a challenging task, but the tools for the job are quite simple. Continue reading “What makes a good interior”

Bathroom organization challenge

Bathroom organization challenge

How annoying are the stuff we keep in our bathrooms? Don’t you feel like you have over a thousand little items over there, jammed inside a drawer? And there’s no way to organize them either, because every time you reach for something, you knock over everything else. It’s horrible!

So if you’re nodding while reading this, being all sick and tired of your bathroom situation, we challenge you to join us on our 5-day bathroom organization journey. Just think about it, if you begin today, you can start next week as a completely different person – you know, the one that’s not frustrated with the bathroom mess first thing on a Monday morning. The best thing is, five-day-plan is just our suggestion, you can adapt it to your own schedule.

But enough with the intro, let’s just start already! Continue reading “Bathroom organization challenge”

Rental apartment improvements that actually make a difference

Rental apartment improvements that actually make a difference

Have we ever told you we don’t live in perfect apartments?

You see, over the years, we both went through every imaginable stage of a home remodel – from quick fixes to entire home transformations. With a few too expensive temporary solutions and a lot of unnecessary purchases that, in the end, made no difference.

So either you live in a rental apartment, or you want to easily, and on a budget, fix up the one you own, stick around. Because we’re about to share with you home improvement ideas we know are good. The ones we tried and would do again. We’ll also include a few don’t-do-it/it-won’t-help remarks.

Continue reading “Rental apartment improvements that actually make a difference”

The biggest home interior mistake everyone makes and how to avoid it

The biggest home interior mistake everyone makes and how to avoid it

Let’s be honest. Sometimes home remodels don’t turn out quite as we expected.

Maybe you planned everything perfectly. You stayed within your budget. You have all you need and it is so easy to clean now when everything’s new. You have a specific place for everything you own, and the clutter is gone. Your apartment even looks exactly like the ones in photographs that inspired you.

And yet, something’s off.

Is it styling? Of course, you don’t have all the stylish decor, but they just placed it there for a photo shoot, didn’t they? Plus, interior design is not about the stuff in the space, but about space itself, right?

So what went wrong?

Here’s what we think: even though you like the interiors that inspired you, they are not for you! Continue reading “The biggest home interior mistake everyone makes and how to avoid it”