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4 things you didn’t know about hiring an architect

Good afternoon.
I want to renovate my apartment. I’m sending you a layout that I drew to show you what I want to do. I am open to your suggestions, but please be aware of the fact I want my apartment to be simple and functional.

Best regards,
– client.

Do you see the problem with this e-mail that was sent to our incredibly talented friend a few weeks ago? There’s this client who thought he had to “draw a layout” by himself before contacting her because he thinks that’s the only way to make sure that his apartment will be functional and simple.

People seem to think that working with architects is quite different then what we like to believe it is, so we decided to share few crucial things you might not know about hiring an architect.Read More »

4 things to do before hiring a contractor

Probably the most stressful thing you’ll have to do if you choose to renovate your space by yourself instead of asking for professional help is hiring contractors. Everything you don’t know will be up to them and maybe you won’t even realize that they’ve done a bad job.

You can hire a contractor based on a good recommendation, their work you’ve seen elsewhere or their price. Whatever your reasons are, remember those reasons. Hiring someone based on the lowest price is like buying the cheapest boots. There is a chance they’ll last through the winter, but you wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t. Read More »