Tips and tricks for perfect entrance space: BEIGE NATURAL entrance space collage

Tips and tricks for perfect entrance space

You know how they say ‘the eyes are the mirror of the soul’, well the entrance of our home should be a reflection of a whole house and of course it is also a reflection of our personality. This room is the first one that your friends will step into. That is why it is really important to make it the best one that can be. Make sure to make it colorful if that’s your thing, or as white as snow, play with tiles, wood, steel, do whatever you want but have in mind one thing: less is more – you can go a little overboard because it is not the space you’re spending much time in but don’t hoard everything you don’t have space for, in there.

You’ll often hear us say that interior design is not the same thing as home decor. But, when it comes to the entrance space, it almost is. There isn’t much you can do to make your entrance room more functional, accept having an entrance room (or entrance area).Read More »

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How to design stairs

Stairs can be the most annoying, unflexible, impossible-to-update element that permanently occupies your space. They can also be the highlight of an interior.

There are few steps in staircase design process:

1. Location

You should know that stairs affect the entire functional organization of a house or an apartment – this means that location of staircase affects your everyday life.Read More »