Step by step guide to a small bathroom design: CIAA - Icaraí Apartment

Step by step guide to a small bathroom design

Designing a small bathroom is always a challenge.

The reason is pretty simple: to design a functional bathroom means to respect some common dimensions of fixtures and space between them.

Now, there may be a lot of things you want to place in a bathroom. But the key is to start simple. And basically, a bathroom consists of three elements: a toilet, a sink, and a shower. Maybe, in the end, you’ll have a toilet, a bidet, a bathtub and double sink – it depends on the size of your bathroom as well as your preferences. But if you think about it, those are just variations of the three basic elements. At the beginning of a design process, you have to start with the minimum number of elements. Read More »

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How to remodel a bathroom

We feel like everybody wants to remodel their bathroom. There are few most common reasons:

  1. Plumbing system is old and needs to be replaced
  2. It’s cluttered and the layout is not really functional
  3. It’s ugly

Whatever the reason, we get it. Bathrooms used to be treated (and sometimes still are, even in new buildings) as utility rooms, there wasn’t really any difference between toilet and bathroom, except in size. It is not unusual to have a basket of dirty laundry, washing machine and dryer as well as all detergent bottles, in the bathroom – the same space where you should be able to take a long relaxing bubble bath while drinking champagne.Read More »

How to design a shower: Bureau A - The Apartment

How to design a shower

One of our favorite things to hear from a client is: “I would like to have a shower instead of a bathtub.”

You see, a problem with reconstructions is that almost every time we have space that is too small for our client’s wishes. And the thing with bathroom is that in order to make it functional, we have to respect some common dimensions of fixtures and space between them. Do you remember our post about a functional kitchen? Standard dimension of a piece of furniture or fixture can be very frustrating because sometimes you just don’t have those extra 5 centimeters.Read More »