5 reasons for Ikea shelving systems

5 reasons for Ikea shelving systems

There’s actually one main reason for Ikea shelving system: a worktop, any worktop, should be free.

And while there’s nothing wrong with decorating the kitchen, or a workspace, to create a space you enjoy spending time in, a cluttered surface leads only to frustration.

Bearing that in mind, here’s why we’re sure shelving systems could help: Continue reading “5 reasons for Ikea shelving systems”

New apartment: kitchen reveal

New apartment: kitchen reveal

With our kitchen finally being finished, I found myself in this space which feels like something different than what I’d usually do.

Let me elaborate.

First of all, maybe it’s because I don’t currently work as an architect, but my ten-year-long love for all-white interiors with a hint of raw concrete might have faded away.

Could it be? It used to be so strong…  Continue reading “New apartment: kitchen reveal”

Welcome to an inspiring kitchen and dining space of our favourite gastro blogger

Welcome to an inspiring kitchen and dining space of our favourite gastro blogger

Every so often we feature a room or an apartment designed by architects and interior designers. As much as we love to study concepts behind those designs and details in them, we miss seeing how those spaces look after the owners have lived there for some time. How do they look like on an average day, with decorations, and smaller pieces of furniture added after the owners moved in.

So we decided to make a new category. Real-life interiors – where we’re going to feature interiors we admire that aren’t necessarily created by professionals, but that look just as amazing. Interiors where we can see how the owners live and why they chose that (life)style.

Interiors that might teach us about interior design as well as life at home in general.

Our first guest in this category is amazing and talented Edita from blog Kuživancija. Continue reading “Welcome to an inspiring kitchen and dining space of our favourite gastro blogger”

How not to plan a kitchen

How not to plan a kitchen

We started to plan this kitchen over a year ago. You might even remember our post about the simplest way to plan a home improvement project. The sketch in the notebook featured in that post is the sketch of this kitchen-to-be.

Project execution began in July 2017.

Yes, the execution began even though the design wasn’t quite finished. It still isn’t finished, to be precise.

The plan was to install the kitchen by the mid-June 2018. And yes, “mid-June” is in one week.

Here’s what happened: Continue reading “How not to plan a kitchen”

How to choose a perfect kitchen backsplash

How to choose a perfect kitchen backsplash

As you may or may not know, we’re currently designing Tina’s new kitchen. To tell you the truth, this process started six months ago – with this simplest remodel plan.

But don’t get discouraged. It doesn’t take half a year to design a kitchen.

The thing is, for personal projects, we like to have way too much time. We simply want to allow ourselves to change our minds somewhere in the middle of the process. Also, life happens, so projects like these can’t always be a priority.

But it does take a certain amount of time. To design a kitchen is not the easiest thing to do. Because you want it to be functional. Because you want it to be practical. And because there are so many decisions you have to make.

The refrigerator, the stove, the oven, the microwave, the sink, the tap, the dishwasher. The lighting, the drawers, the shelves, the knobs and handles, the fronts, the base, the worktop. The backsplash.

So how to choose the perfect backsplash?

No, scratch that.

How to design a perfect backsplash?

That makes a lot more sense.  Continue reading “How to choose a perfect kitchen backsplash”

How to design a kitchen island

How to design a kitchen island

Not sure if we’ve ever had a client who didn’t want a kitchen island.

It doesn’t really come as  a surprise since there are so many ways to use one:

– extra food preparation area (and we who cook at home know there’s no such thing as too much free worktop)
– a place for your guests to gather around
– a place for serving finger food or entrees when hosting dinner parties
– storage space
– a place for eating breakfast – or any other meal for that matter

But to design a kitchen island that will serve you the best, you need to consider both the way you want to use it and the size of your kitchen. And even though you don’t want to hear this, the size of your kitchen has the final saying in this decision.

The truth is, sometimes the kitchen island does more damage than good. Continue reading “How to design a kitchen island”

How to choose a perfect kitchen worktop

How to choose a perfect kitchen worktop

When choosing a kitchen worktop, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by so many options – from the cheapest pieces of processed wood boards covered with a melamine laminate, to unbelievably expensive stone slabs. And everything in between.

The fact there are countless materials to choose from proves the kitchen worktops are something worth thinking about. Gosh, if only someone somewhere wrote a list of questions that could help you decide. But who? Who would do such a thing, based of course on experiences from their clients and followed by photographs of gorgeous kitchens to serve as examples?

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