3 ideas for pantry organization

3  ideas for pantry organization

“If I buy a new apartment and design it perfectly, will you write about it on your blog like you did about Lana’s and Nikola’s apartment?” – asked Ana the other day.

“Well sure, but apartment doesn’t have to be new, nor designed perfectly, to be featured on our blog.”

“But I only have a few lovely corners in my current home, and the rest of the space is – meh.”

Now, you probably don’t know Ana, which is a shame – because she’s actually the most beautiful and the funniest girl, who occasionally makes a great point. You see, from the beginning of our blog adventure, we wanted upgradesign to be about both design and upgrades.

About home improvements, no matter how small.

And that’s exactly what we did a few weeks ago. Continue reading “3 ideas for pantry organization”

DIY Hanging / Table Centrepiece

DIY Hanging / Table Centrepiece

Well, these ‘green’ DIYs are becoming kind of our thing and we have to admit – WE LOVE IT. This one is a perfect table decoration piece and there’s also a great little story behind it.

A while ago, after we published our DIY Macrame plant hanger post, Alexandria from FTDbyDesign contacted us via e-mail saying she loved our post and provided us with their video tutorial to share in it (if we are interested). First of all, let us just mention how humbled we were because of her words – FTDbyDesign is such a wonderful team of floral and styling experts, and of course, we were interested – we know it’s a lot easier to make something while watching a video about it.

So, a few weeks ago she contacted us again with the most amazing suggestion ever – she sent us a link to their blog post/video tutorial about how to make a hanging centrepiece, and kindly asked us to share it on our blog. We still can’t quite believe that people from another side of the globe read our blog and, well, you probably can guess what our response was just by reading this post.

Not only we are happy to share it with you, but we were so amazed by it we decided to give it a try. To be honest, we saw more than a few amazing photos of this kind of centrepieces all over Instagram but always thought they are so hard to make. Guess we were wrong. Continue reading “DIY Hanging / Table Centrepiece”

DIY Kokedama string garden

DIY Kokedama string garden

You all know we are big fans of plants of all kind. We love them in amazing pots, wired and wooden plant stands, growing in a home garden and of course hanging from the ceiling.
A few months ago we showed you how to make a Macrame Plant Hanger and now, thanks to ProFlowers, we have a chance to show you how to make a Kokedama string garden.

Remember what we said the last time? Even if you’re not planning to remodel your apartment at this moment, maybe your plants can get a new place to stay.
This DIY is really easy, and not at all time-consuming, so let’s get down to business. Here’s the ProFlowers‘s Complete Guide to Making a Kokedama String Garden:

Kokedama is a Japanese gardening method where a plant’s roots are wrapped in moss, bound by string and suspended. The name comes from the Japanese koke, meaning “moss” and dama meaning “ball”. Although this art form is centuries old, it now takes on a more modern and minimalist form. Continue reading “DIY Kokedama string garden”

DIY Macrame plant hanger

DIY Macrame plant hanger

We can’t believe it’s been a year since we wrote our first blog post. Since we’re celebrating our 1st birthday (that’s actually tomorrow) we decided to make something and share it with you.
So we thought, even if you’re not planning to remodel your apartment at this moment, maybe your plants can get a new place to stay.

We LOVE macrame plant hangers and they are huge right now. We feel everyone’s posting macrame photos all over Instagram and we love every single one of them.

This DIY is really easy, but we won’t lie – it’s time-consuming. So, arm yourself with patience and start knotting, we promise at the end you’ll be really happy with your new plant hanger. Continue reading “DIY Macrame plant hanger”

DIY Christmas pop-up cards

DIY Christmas pop-up cards

If you are a fan of DIY and you LOVE Christmas time as much as we do, this is a perfect post for you. Today we will show you how to easily make a pop-up card. You might think: “Why on earth would I make a pop-up card when I can buy any card I want?” Well, we can’t argue that, but we can promise that you will be remembered as the queen/king of Christmas cards. Isn’t that what Christmas is all about? Continue reading “DIY Christmas pop-up cards”