Christmas wreath DIY challenge

Christmas wreath DIY challenge

Maybe we are a little bit behind, but we’re sure not all of you made a Christmas wreath for your door.

Last weekend we organized a little Christmas wreath do it yourself challenge and we are pretty proud of how they turned out! 3 completely different yet beautiful wreaths and we all got to bring one home! WIN-WIN

We used beautiful Christmas greenery from Nina‘s garden. She has a real winter wonderland around her house and we are very jealous.

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Houseplants care guide for autumn and winter with Botanike

Houseplants care guide for autumn and winter with Botanike

Plants have needs, just like we all do. You probably know that plant’s needs change as the season change and houseplants are very much affected by all the outdoor changes.

And here’s the thing… a few years back we both have killed a few plants just because we didn’t think (and know) they need a special care during autumn and winter and the sad thing is we probably could have saved them if we kept them till summer.

Now we are older and smarter and know a bit more about plant care. We also have great friends that know everything there is to know about plants – our friends from Botanike.
Their studio combines architecture, horticulture and design with the goal of comprehensive space design in which nature is an inevitable part.

So we asked them about a plant care during these gloomy seasons to help you keep all those plants alive and ready for spring and summer. Continue reading “Houseplants care guide for autumn and winter with Botanike”

Why DIY – mural on the wall

Why DIY – mural on the wall

As it turns out, our mural really caught your eyes.

We got a lot of questions on how my sister and I drew the map of Dubrovnik Old Town we showed in our last post and guess what – it’s not that hard at all!

But it is time-consuming, though.

We were going back and forth deciding whether to use a projector or to draw freehand. And to tell you the truth, if we were about to draw basically anything but a map, a projector wouldn’t even be an option.

The idea itself sounds like a foolproof method, but in reality, we literally ended up constantly being in our own way. You see, standing between the projector and the wall is everything but a foolproof method.

The thing is, we didn’t have much time to do the preparation for freehand drawing. But it’s not very common to be on tight schedule when planning a mural in your home. So in case you see drawing as a relaxing thing to do over a period of time and you’re about to enjoy the process as much as the result, here’s what you’re gonna need:

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Apartment for daily rent – tips and tricks

Apartment for daily rent – tips and tricks

Apartments for daily rent have been a hit for quite some time. We have seen everything, from amazingly renovated and decorated spaces to ‘grandma’s apartment’ with all the furniture owners don’t need any more but they don’t want to throw it away. Needless to say we enjoy only the ones from first category, but we are also aware of the fact people sometimes have good intentions but fail with some of the decisions while renovating.

Well, since not all of you are experts in interior design and décor, and recently Petra’s family decided to rent her sister’s (newly renovated) small studio apartment since she decided to move back to Zagreb, it is only fair to give you some tips and tricks we learned along the way and help you make your apartment rent ready!

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Why DIY – a wedding

Why DIY – a wedding

Okay, you might say we’ve been neglecting this blog. And that might be true. But we were also renovating homes and doing all sorts of things which will soon find their way to this website. Promise.

Most recently – literally a week ago – we designed decorations we’re about to show you. Not because they are something to learn from, but because we think they’re pretty. Isn’t that reason enough?

Now, whether or not you should ever consider DIY wedding decorations (or decorations for any party) is quite obvious: if it’s not overwhelming and if you find it enjoyable, then definitely.

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DIY Ladder plant stand

DIY Ladder plant stand

We can proudly say we are getting better and better in keeping our plants alive. We replanted about  20 Chinese money plants last year and, as you’ve probably seen on Instagram, Petra is successfully growing avocados from seeds. You know by now we are big fans of plants of all kind, and each day we’re looking for a new way to display them in our homes.

Last year we made a Macrame Plant Hanger – first DIY post for our blog’s first birthday. Thanks to the fact Taylor from ProFlowers saw that post and loved it, we got to share their DIY project Kokedama string garden on our blog. And now, once again they have an amazing tutorial for you.

This DIY is easy and perfect for all of you who enjoy little home projects, so let’s get down to business. Here’s the ProFlowers‘s DIY Ladder Plant Stand:

A DIY ladder plant stand is a great space-saving solution for those that are running out of room to decorate with plants or are tired of standard shelving. Plus, the ladder plant stand will help you curate the perfect indoor garden – maybe even a herb garden in the kitchen? The best part of this do-it-yourself project is that you get to design a display that fits your preferred taste and style. Continue reading “DIY Ladder plant stand”

3 ideas for pantry organization

3  ideas for pantry organization

“If I buy a new apartment and design it perfectly, will you write about it on your blog like you did about Lana’s and Nikola’s apartment?” – asked Ana the other day.

“Well sure, but apartment doesn’t have to be new, nor designed perfectly, to be featured on our blog.”

“But I only have a few lovely corners in my current home, and the rest of the space is – meh.”

Now, you probably don’t know Ana, which is a shame – because she’s actually the most beautiful and the funniest girl, who occasionally makes a great point. You see, from the beginning of our blog adventure, we wanted upgradesign to be about both design and upgrades.

About home improvements, no matter how small.

And that’s exactly what we did a few weeks ago. Continue reading “3 ideas for pantry organization”