Making of a perfect boy bed(room)

Making of a perfect boy bed(room)

Since my nephew was two and a half years old, the whole family started to call the second bedroom “Matija’s room”. And he liked it straight away. He called it “my big room” – which is quite funny ’cause it’s literally the smallest room in their home.

Which affected the design process.

We all know how important it is to design small spaces to little details, making it as functional as possible. But to design something functional, yet interesting to a little boy, is extra challenging.

When designing a small space, Tina and I think that “one large, multifunctional piece of furniture” concept often works the best. And this being a bedroom, naturally led me to the idea of a multifunctional bed. Continue reading “Making of a perfect boy bed(room)”

Tink Things – a sensory furniture your kids are gonna love

Tink Things – a sensory furniture your kids are gonna love

Remember when we wrote a post about what kids can teach us about interior design? Well, one of the things was Kids need to have their space in the apartment, just like grown-ups do.

We all invest in great furniture pieces for ourselves, but we often buy a pour quality furniture for our kids because we have this thought in the back of our mind that they’ll soon grow out of it. So why invest in something they’ll use just for a short period of time?
But our kids need to learn early on about good quality design and learn to take care of valuable things. And if those pieces will improve their learning and growth, even better!

Kids simply amaze us, they always surprise us, the way they see things around them, how their imagination works are astonishing.
And also how playful they are, they just can’t calm down!

Remember how hard it was to sit still in a school chair? Raise your hand if your teacher told you a billion times to stop rocking in your chair. Well, up until now no one really thought about why kids do that? Why they can’t simply sit still? And furniture for kids was always just a smaller version of a grownup furniture.

Not anymore!

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Outofbox, into our home – can a good quality design also be affordable?

Outofbox, into our home – can a good quality design also be affordable?

Remember when we wrote about the idea of a capsule interior? It all started because of a long living trend of capsule wardrobe which we love and actually trying to live by.

Well, we truly think that the same logic could be applied to interior and furniture design. Think about it… instead of dozens of temporary designs, how about you start to work on, basically, a capsule interior? That’s what architects and designers do.

When we’re about to start an interior project or to design a building, we always think of it as a timeless piece. We want our projects to be ‘trendy’ in a few decades, just like they are now. We want to see people enjoying our interiors the same way they enjoyed it the first time they stepped inside.

And the same goes for furniture.

That’s why we were absolutely stunned when we recently came across Outofbox – a new Croatian brand for interior design. Continue reading “Outofbox, into our home – can a good quality design also be affordable?”

New from Ikea – August News and Sammanhang collection

New from Ikea – August News and Sammanhang collection

You’ll hate us for saying this, but… summer’s almost over. Yup, so sad… We know that because Ikea has two new collections in August.

Our summer was pretty busy this year and to tell you the truth we’re not big fans of a ‘you don’t have a proper summer vacation’ summers. But sometimes life’s just not fair.
And since we’re running out of ideas (and free friends) on how to spend our afternoons and evenings having a perfect summer in the city last week we decided to go to Ikea. Tina is still furnishing her new apartment, so why not? It’s not like we’ll buy something we don’t need. 🙂

We’ve already scrolled through the new catalogues and it was time to go see all of it in person.

So, have you seen what Ikea prepared for this August? We’re in love! We spotted few must-have items – especially if you’re an organizational freak! And you know we are, or at least we try our best to be…

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Three rooms for fitted furniture

Three rooms for fitted furniture

Designing a home to the last detail is a tricky decision – regardless of whether you’re designing your own home or home for a client.

Although we love to see all the amazingly designed apartments (some of which we featured here), we are fully aware of the fact that the amount of money and period of time invested in those homes, most of us can’t afford.

Even though it would be nice to have perfectly designed shelves or an entire wall covered with fitted closet which is a breeze to organize, the truth is – those types of units probably wouldn’t have a significant impact to the quality of your everyday life.

If you follow us for a while now, you might have noticed we think of home renovation as a tool for improving everyday life. And it is possible to do that with fitted furniture, you just have to choose wisely where to invest. Continue reading “Three rooms for fitted furniture”