About glass (in the interior)

About glass (in the interior)

We all know that glass is one of the most important materials in architecture today and it is no.1 material if you want your home to be bright and full of light. We always try to pick or design a window that has the largest possible glass surface (smallest possible window frame) because we love the feeling of bringing the outside in through that beautiful big window.

But what about glass in the interior, and how much do we know about glass? Where to use it and why or most importantly where not to use it?

Glass transmits, reflects and refracts light. In interiors is usually used as a divider, but it can also be used as a wall covering/backsplash and as a part of a furniture piece – like a tabletop.

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Why we love terrazzo

Why we love terrazzo

We guess you’re somewhat familiar with terrazzo, but would you consider terrazzo flooring in your home?

Because terrazzo is back. It has been back for quite some time. And we’re not gonna lie to you – it’s getting pretty frustrating suggesting this amazing material (blend of materials, to be precise) to our clients, only to see them shake their heads with disagreement.

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Why we think you shouldn’t settle for subtle grouts

Why we think you shouldn’t settle for subtle grouts

Have you ever avoided to try certain dish just because you thought you won’t like it? Or to wear a certain outfit just because you believed you’re not slim/tall/tan enough to pull it off? And then someone talked you into it, and you were surprised how wonderful it tasted/fitted?

I probably wouldn’t have tried chicken curry if my sister hadn’t insisted. Nor would I have bought a golden skirt. But that’s another story.

The point is, designers and architects are a lot like my sister. They are pretty bold decision makers. They want to take an interior (or family weeknight dinner) to the next level.

And maybe you won’t like some of them. Maybe you’ll believe them to be over-designed, or too minimalist. And that’s ok.  Because even though we strongly believe there’s an objective way to observe an interior and see if the design is good or not, the fact is, our emotions and our taste affect the way we see things.

Yet, even though we maybe don’t like the style of an apartment, it is so important to really study its details. There’s always something to learn from professional architects, just trust us on this one.

Remember that time we learned how to place a washing machine in the dead corner of the L-shaped kitchen? We would miss that ingenious solution if we had focused on the fact we don’t really like OSB in interiors. Okay, we loved it from the very beginning, but you see what we mean.

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How to transform a space with plywood

How to transform a space with plywood

We love materials. We’re not trying to keep that a secret. We love the simplicity and the complexity of them, we love textures, and tones and colours… There’s always something about that material – its unique quality which makes us fall in love.

As architects we work with materials, think about them, and constantly surrounded by all kinds of samples. It’s the best.

If you’ve been following our blog for a while now, you probably know we wrote about tiles, hardwood, stone, even OSB that managed to transform one apartment in Zagreb (which we find quite amazing).

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How to choose a perfect kitchen backsplash

How to choose a perfect kitchen backsplash

As you may or may not know, we’re currently designing Tina’s new kitchen. To tell you the truth, this process started six months ago – with this simplest remodel plan.

But don’t get discouraged. It doesn’t take half a year to design a kitchen.

The thing is, for personal projects, we like to have way too much time. We simply want to allow ourselves to change our minds somewhere in the middle of the process. Also, life happens, so projects like these can’t always be a priority.

But it does take a certain amount of time. To design a kitchen is not the easiest thing to do. Because you want it to be functional. Because you want it to be practical. And because there are so many decisions you have to make.

The refrigerator, the stove, the oven, the microwave, the sink, the tap, the dishwasher. The lighting, the drawers, the shelves, the knobs and handles, the fronts, the base, the worktop. The backsplash.

So how to choose the perfect backsplash?

No, scratch that.

How to design a perfect backsplash?

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Architects used OSB for a complete transformation of an old apartment in Zagreb

Architects used OSB for a complete transformation of an old apartment in Zagreb

As you probably know by now, we love to feature amazing interiors on our blog. Interiors that are designed by architects and that are full of amazing details and smart solutions. We do think it is important to bring the architecture a bit closer to everyone, after all, we are surrounded by it, but not many of us really understand how complex it is.

Every interior we shared earlier was designed by architects we love and admire – for their clients. Their clients, who came with a list of things they wanted in their home. And to make those wishes come true is a part of architects’ job.

But today we have something a little bit different for you.

Today, we’re glad to show you an amazing apartment our friends and colleagues – architects, Lana and Nikola, designed for themselves. And we’re going to explain the background work, and smart decisions, behind that project.


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Why we love raw concrete in interiors pt.2

Why we love raw concrete in interiors pt.2

Is your furniture a part of your home? Or do you see it as the stuff inside your home?

Here’s the thing.

We’re all used to see an interior as a set of layers. The first layer are surfaces that define space – walls, floors, ceilings. Then there are floor and wall finishes. Curtains and carpets, maybe. Furniture comes next, just before decorations.

And usually, that’s not only how we see interiors, but also how we design them – one layer at the time.

Actually, most of the trending homes on Pinterest are designed that way. Designed as a space filled with pretty stuff.

They look good and stylish. You probably like them. We like them, too.

Yet, you might have noticed we don’t feature that type of interiors. Partly because there’s not much to say about them, but mostly because our goal is not to show you what to buy. It’s not even to show you what we think you should like.

Most of the time, it’s not important if you like the interiors we feature. We hope you do because you probably won’t take the time to read about something you dislike, and one of the biggest fears bloggers share is publishing posts no one reads.  But what’s important is the understanding why architects/interior designers designed something the way they did, in order to learn how to use those ideas and create a space that’s ideal for you. Continue reading “Why we love raw concrete in interiors pt.2”