About hardwood floors: Wood flooring pattern

About hardwood floors

During my hallway/kitchen renovation, I found these pretty cool tiles. They were slightly textured, in warm gray color, and their longitudinal shape was perfect for a random pattern I had in mind. The first person that came into my apartment after renovation said: “Wow, are those really tiles? They look just like a real hardwood floor!” Wait. WHAT?!

If you read our blog, you probably know by now that we are snobs when it comes to materials. Not in the way that we only like expensive ones, but in the way that we only like honest ones.

And hardwood floors are no exception. They are quite pricey, but if you can afford them, they are definitely worth the money. The thing is, imitations are not really imitations. They may look similar, but the texture is different, floor warmth is different, even sound of footsteps is different. While it is possible to get the look of the room with hardwood floors, you don’t get the feel of the room with hardwood floors.Read More »

Popular tile shapes

About tiles

Have you noticed how tiles made a huge comeback?

We invented and reinvented dozens of materials to replace boring (but practical) tiles. We replaced them with wood, with polished concrete, with epoxy floors, with glass backsplashes, with water-resistant wall paint.
And then the strangest thing happened. Little hexagonal backsplash tiles in few different shades of gray. Amazing collages made of desaturated but colorful tiles with geometric patterns. Bold black and white combinations. We became obsessed!Read More »