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How to design kids room

The attention new parents pay to nursery room design or decoration is a kind of proof for us that most people really believe surrounding space affects our general well-being.

And it really does. Our clients always seem to mention how they enjoy staying home after they’re done with apartment remodel. Even how less stressed they are since home maintenance is easier when everything is new.

When designing a room for a kid, there are three things you should have in mind:

1. Kids are more serious than you might think

Sure, at some point kids will want a scene from their favourite animated movie drawn on their walls just as much as they will want to be dressed like characters from that movie – after all, they ARE kids (there’s probably not many 5-year-olds who’d describe themselves as Scandinavian style enthusiasts) – but still, it’s never too early to create environment with aesthetic value for your kids.Read More »

CIAA - Icaraí Apartment

CIAA designed functional small apartment painted in pastels

To answer the question why we love our jobs, we’d probably say it’s because of this: if you think of your apartment as your little world, we have a chance to literally make the world a better place for our clients.

Not just prettier, but better. Interior design combines aesthetics with functionality and treats them as equals. However, when it comes to private apartments, where a budget is also an issue, we seem to love functionality a tiny bit more. But to design space that serves its owners the best way possible is not the easiest thing to do. You see, we know what is beautiful and we could write about thousands of beautiful interiors, without really knowing if they’re functional.

At the beginning of a designing process, we ask our clients about their everyday life. Do they cook or eat outside? Do they often entertain? Do they work from home? Do they have a lot of stuff? Do they enjoy long bubble baths? Are they early birds or night owls? This is where functionality comes from.

Don’t worry if you’re not really sure what are we talking about – we found the perfect apartment to show you what we mean.Read More »

Color in an interior - part II: Adam Wiercinski Architekt / MIEL Arquitectos / NimTim architects

Colors in an interior – part II

While searching for amazingly designed colorful apartments (and you wouldn’t believe how many of them are out there) we started to wonder: is monochrome trend really just a line of least resistance? Almost a foolproof method for good apartment design?

It may be so, but we believe that before monochrome became a thing – and we’re not talking about all black and white, we’re talking about white and warm shades of grey combined with natural finish materials – everyone was going nuts painting their walls peach*, that such drastic move needed to be done.

*You see, we try to be objective in our posts, which isn’t really a problem (nor true for that matter), because we only write about interiors we adore, but we have to say we hate peach – love the fruit hate the color.Read More »

Color in an interior: AKTA studio // Lim+Lu

Colors in an interior

Our college professor once told: ”I suggested my client to paint her walls gray. She said purple was her favorite color. So I suggested her to buy a purple scarf.”

One of the most common comments we receive when we say “I’m an architect.” is something like: “Oh, I would really love if you’d tell me how to paint my walls, I’m terrible at choosing colors!” Well, it is hard to choose a right color for your interior since there is no such thing as the right color.

Colors are something that should be on your mind from the beginning of the design process. Every material and piece of furniture should be chosen in relation to those colors. Simply put, the color of the walls (or floors) is not the same thing as curtains or carpets, it’s not an accessory. Color has almost the same role as interior lighting  – it even affects interior lighting.Read More »