Calacatta Gold marble

About stone coverings

“Again and again, there is the sensuality of the material – how it feels, what it looks like: does it look dull, does it shimmer or sparkle? Its smell. Is it hard or soft, flexible, cold or warm, smooth or rough? What color is it and which structures does it reveal on its surface?” — Manfred Sack

To choose the right material. What a complex task!
It has its color. It has its sound. Its temperature. A specific material doesn’t only create a warm or cold atmosphere – it is physically warm or cold.

Different materials feel differently. They are different to touch.

They absorb or reflect sound (waves). They absorb or reflect light.

Even more than light or colors, materials set the mood.

And the stone is probably the most expressive material to use in interiors. Completly rough, natural, or perfectly smooth. So smooth that it becomes reflective. Slippery, if used on floors.Read More »

About room dividers: Alventosa Morell Arquitectes - LB flat renovation

How to use room dividers instead of partition walls

There are two ways to organize an apartment: you can either have “one room – one function” situation, or you can combine few functions into one single, probably large, room. For example, you can design a living room, a dining room, and a kitchen, or you can design one room with kitchen area, dining area, and living area/lounge.

Basically, you can integrate or divide your space. But sometimes, there’s a very thin line between those two possibilities.

Interior design is often focused on the interior space, while actually, borders of that space is where it gets interesting. Borders, like walls or even openings, are what defines the room. They can be completely static and neutral (like walls usually are) or they can bring an extra value to the room.Read More »

Quick tips for closet design

Closets. Don’t you feel like you love every single one you see on Pinterest, but hate your own? Guess lighting is different. Or yours isn’t white? And oh yeah, you don’t see the big pile of stuff that’s taken out of them in order to show „the perfect closet organization“ (also known as the pile of lies, muahahaha hah).

Just kidding. Some people are perfectly organized. Did you ever stumble upon and spent hours and hours going through organization-related projects on I HEART ORGANIZING like we did so many times?

When designing a room, we always advise you to imagine what do you want to do in that room, instead of what furniture you want to put in it. Same thing works for closets. Don’t think about how much drawers you want, but which items you’ll keep in them.Read More »

Architekten Innauer Matt - Haus für Julia und Björn

Nooks and niches

We seem to be obsessed with niches. We can’t talk about a bathroom remodel, shower design or even colors in the interior, without mentioning those practical little pieces of space. What’s so special about them?

To tell you the truth, niches helped us every time we designed an apartment in an old building. In the past, buildings needed thick walls for structural reasons. To leave a niche in the wall was a great way to save on building material, and to build a lighter structure. Also, it was a great way to help out future architects and interior designers!

You see, we often had to deal with rooms that are too small, and we were not able to fit a closet, or a desk, or a night stand. We once designed a bathroom so small, even water heater couldn’t fit. And almost every time there was a niche – just hanging around, with nothing to do. Those niches carved into old walls are so chic. Hop over to our Pinterest board if you don’t believe us. Read More »

About hardwood floors: Wood flooring pattern

About hardwood floors

During my hallway/kitchen renovation, I found these pretty cool tiles. They were slightly textured, in warm gray color, and their longitudinal shape was perfect for a random pattern I had in mind. The first person that came into my apartment after renovation said: “Wow, are those really tiles? They look just like a real hardwood floor!” Wait. WHAT?!

If you read our blog, you probably know by now that we are snobs when it comes to materials. Not in the way that we only like expensive ones, but in the way that we only like honest ones.

And hardwood floors are no exception. They are quite pricey, but if you can afford them, they are definitely worth the money. The thing is, imitations are not really imitations. They may look similar, but the texture is different, floor warmth is different, even sound of footsteps is different. While it is possible to get the look of the room with hardwood floors, you don’t get the feel of the room with hardwood floors.Read More »

Color in an interior - part II: Adam Wiercinski Architekt / MIEL Arquitectos / NimTim architects

Colors in an interior – part II

While searching for amazingly designed colorful apartments (and you wouldn’t believe how many of them are out there) we started to wonder: is monochrome trend really just a line of least resistance? Almost a foolproof method for good apartment design?

It may be so, but we believe that before monochrome became a thing – and we’re not talking about all black and white, we’re talking about white and warm shades of grey combined with natural finish materials – everyone was going nuts painting their walls peach*, that such drastic move needed to be done.

*You see, we try to be objective in our posts, which isn’t really a problem (nor true for that matter), because we only write about interiors we adore, but we have to say we hate peach – love the fruit hate the color.Read More »

Color in an interior: AKTA studio // Lim+Lu

Colors in an interior

Our college professor once told: ”I suggested my client to paint her walls gray. She said purple was her favorite color. So I suggested her to buy a purple scarf.”

One of the most common comments we receive when we say “I’m an architect.” is something like: “Oh, I would really love if you’d tell me how to paint my walls, I’m terrible at choosing colors!” Well, it is hard to choose a right color for your interior since there is no such thing as the right color.

Colors are something that should be on your mind from the beginning of the design process. Every material and piece of furniture should be chosen in relation to those colors. Simply put, the color of the walls (or floors) is not the same thing as curtains or carpets, it’s not an accessory. Color has almost the same role as interior lighting  – it even affects interior lighting.Read More »

Bevk Perović Arhitekti - SMOKE lamp

About interior lighting

To understand the basic psychology behind interior lighting design, think about daylight. A cloudy, gray day causes people to feel listless; people feel more energetic and positive on a sunny day. That difference between dreary and bright is the quality of light. If you simply introduce general illumination into a room to permit vision, you created a cloudy day.

That may sound bad, but the truth is this: identifying the activity that will occur in a space is the first step in lighting design process. If you’re designing space for work or learning, home office or any space for some kind of complex task, the environment should be simple. If you think about it, it is easier to work on a cloudy day because there is much less distraction.Read More »

MAT projektni studio - tailor-made wallpaper for CONTE NERO bar

About wallpapers

I wouldn’t say I always used to pay attention to interiors but I have a very vivid memory of walking through my grandma’s house when I was about 4 years old, thinking: ”Why would someone glue these ugly sheets of paper on their walls?”
The house was old and the wallpapers were damaged, even peeled in corners. Not just the design, but the entire idea of using wallpapers for covering walls was outdated. I couldn’t know any of this as a four-year-old, but I was aware of the fact that wallpapers belong in grandma’s house.

Do you remember those old wallpapers? Those were the worst. However, just like any commonly used, old fashioned material, they were perfect for reinterpretation. Also, just like any blank sheet of paper, they have endless possibilities.Read More »