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Chocolate crinkles

We LOVE chocolate so, of course, we love all kinds of chocolate cakes and cookies. After our favorite brownie recipe, we decided to share with you one of our all-time Christmas favorite – chocolate crinkles.
It is the week before Christmas and we bet most of you are spending all your spare time in the kitchen baking. If these cookies are not already on your list we suggest putting them in. 🙂Read More »

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2017 free printable calendar

So, today we’re not going to make you spend more money on cute gifts or spend your well deserved free time on DIY cards. Relax, make some hot chocolate, get cozy and let your printer do all the work.

It’s nearly mid-December and we think this is the best time to start preparing for the next year. For us, the most important New Year’s resolution is to be more organized. As architects, we have that area covered, but as bloggers – not so much. So, instead of doing work, we did something to help us plan to do the work. That’s productive, right? Read More »

DIY Christmas pop-up cards: CITY pop-up card | upgradesign

DIY Christmas pop-up cards

If you are a fan of DIY and you LOVE Christmas time as much as we do, this is a perfect post for you. Today we will show you how to easily make a pop-up card. You might think: “Why on earth would I make a pop-up card when I can buy any card I want?” Well, we can’t argue that, but we can promise that you will be remembered as the queen/king of Christmas cards. Isn’t that what Christmas is all about?Read More »

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Christmas gift guide for little architects

The title should probably be “Christmas gift guide from architects to little ones”. You see, the other day, one of our dearest friends said: “You do understand that it is you who loves that gift, not your toddler niece/nephew?” However, she also believes that children books and toys should show good design as much as they have to have educational content.

For us, rules for choosing toys are the same as for choosing furniture:

  1. Timeless over trendy
  2. Quality materials
  3. High aesthetic value
  4. Inspired, creative ideas that brought old-fashioned item to the next level

Read More »