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The ultimate guide to partition walls

Partiton walls are all walls in your apartment that are not load-bearing. They are usually thinner (8-15 cm) and easier to take down. It is often possible to remove entire partition wall since it won’t affect the structural system. However, in older buildings and during a certain amount of time, even partition brick walls might start to behave as load-bearing walls which is something that can create structural problems and extra costs in apartment reconstruction.

If you’re planning an apartment reconstruction, you probably have a new layout in mind which usually means taking down old walls and building new ones. Choosing the right material for partition walls can have a big impact on your budget, duration of reconstruction, and in the end, your everyday life.Read More »

Šipan summer house - attic reconstruction

An attic reconstruction

We like to say that the basic idea behind our blog is client education. That being said, the truth is this: a private interior is very personal – if you think about it, you can tell very much about a person after seeing hers or his apartment. It is natural for people to be involved in the process of their apartment design but as architects, we sometimes feel frustrated with too-involved, stubborn clients. Ideally, clients would say what they want and what they like, and then give us some freedom to work our magic.

My very first out-of-the-college project was a reconstruction of our family summer house attic. What I learned then, I still find to be true – working for a family member is one of the most challenging tasks for an architect, at least for a young architect.Read More »