Why simple will always be trendy

This post is a part of Design Blogger Competition organized by CGTrader.

And we are thrilled to be a part of this competition. The topic, “Designing for the future: trends we need to consider now“, intrigued us immediately, but we also found it quite challenging.

Because usually, we don’t talk about trends. We don’t talk about the style of interiors we feature. If we did, we’d use a phrase “contemporary interior” way too often. Since, by rule, we feature interiors designed during the past five years or so, “contemporary” really goes without saying.

Yet, when searching for inspiration, we never actually use the keyword “contemporary”.

It’s because “contemporary” doesn’t distinct the good from the not so good. The time-frame is the only restriction there since, at this point, building technology and materials have almost no limits. Everything produced these days, is automatically contemporary. And also, these days everything can be produced.

So it’s almost like, when talking about quality, the exact time when something was designed or created, means nothing.

Actually, it’s not even almost like that. It’s exactly like that.Read More »

Senja Vild for SHIBUI collection by Ana Maria Ricov // Location: Botanike

20 Instagram accounts you should follow today to inspire you tomorrow

There’s nothing as tempting as that snooze button the moment the alarm sets off.

But you never actually hear someone saying: “I’m so glad I hit the snooze like 30 times this morning.” Nothing good snoozing ever brought to anyone, yet it still exists. Is there somewhere an evil genius collecting a royalty for her/his invention that’s making the entire world – too late?

According to wonderful lifestyle blogs we follow, number one way to make yourself stop snoozing is to plan a morning activity you enjoy.

After months of planning morning yoga but ending up snoozing, and planning to journal but ending up snoozing, and planning lovely breakfasts but ending up snoozing again, we realized it’s also important to plan a morning activity you really enjoy and not the one you wish you enjoyed.

While we admit scrolling through Instagram feed is not the most mindful way to spend the beginning of your day, we can guarantee it’s the perfect transition from sleepy, lazy self to inspired and energetic better-self.

That’s why we created a collection of 20 of our favorite Instagram accounts. The ones that inspire us every morning to get up and do something just as beautiful.Read More »

5 ways home remodel is just like taking a vacation | upgradesign

5 ways home remodel is just like taking a vacation

Did you know that statistically, twelve out of thirteen people choose a vacation over a home remodel?

It is weird, isn’t it? Also, it is a lie. Or maybe a lucky guess. There’s really no way to know.

However, skipping a vacation to start a remodel makes sense – all of the sudden, you find yourself with an extra amount of money and free time. To successfully finish a remodel, you need both.

But would you give up something you were probably looking forward to for a long period of time, to do something that’s not really enjoyable until it’s over?

While discussing this topic – over the phone, since one of us is on the vacation and the other one is in the middle of a living room remodel (hey, maybe the vacation:remodel ratio is 50:50!) – we came to a conclusion: there’s really no need to choose between a vacation and a remodel, because home remodel is just like (if not better than) taking a vacation.

Now, we can see you, skeptic Reader, shaking your head with disapproval. But bare with us, as we elaborate.Read More »

How to choose perfect kitchen worktop: due architetti - CASA AG

How to choose perfect kitchen worktop

When choosing a kitchen worktop, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by so many options – from the cheapest pieces of processed wood boards covered with a melamine laminate, to unbelievably expensive stone slabs. And everything in between.

The fact there are countless materials to choose from proves the kitchen worktops are something worth thinking about. Gosh, if only someone somewhere wrote a list of questions that could help you decide. But who? Who would do such a thing, based of course on experiences from their clients and followed by photographs of gorgeous kitchens to serve as examples?

Read More »

The simplest way to plan a remodel | upgradesign

The simplest way to plan a remodel

Architects and designers are involved in your project as much as you want them to be.

Sometimes clients want “total design”. Sometimes, for different reasons, they want to choose materials and furniture on their own. Sometimes they want a functional solution for their space. Sometimes they want only an advice.

What they never want, is to do the math.

When working for our private clients, we constantly get phone calls with questions like: “I’m choosing tiles for my bathroom at the store right now, how much did you say I have to buy?” or “What’s the maximum width of the sink, I’ve just found the one I like, but I don’t know if it fits.” There’s always some little detail they can’t remember. Or never bothered to check out.

We don’t mind clients asking us questions, but things can get pretty messy if we’re not at the office and we simply can’t look up for the information hidden somewhere among plans, explanations, dimensions, samples of materials, and lists of expenses.Read More »

RÄS studio used rediscovered attic space for a new mezzanine floor in La Domenique apartment remodel: RÄS - La Domenique

RÄS studio used rediscovered attic space for a new mezzanine floor in la Domenique apartment remodel

This Barcelona-based studio seems to amaze us more and more with every new project. They are doing a great job at seizing opportunities of every apartment they design.

We love the simple designer’s tricks they use to give the apartment exactly what it needs. With every look at their interiors, you can discover a new amazing detail you’ve never noticed before.Read More »

i.s.m.architecten - LVDV

7 reasons why you should hire an architect

You can spend your time designing something shi**y or you can spend your time designing something amazing. Either way, the time will be spent. Either way, you’ll be working, not having fun.

So let’s watch TV instead of creating shi**y designs and create something amazing instead of watching TV!

Something like this post. This post is an updated version of our previously published 4 things you didn’t know about hiring an architect, but we had to update it because turns out, there’s really a lot of things people don’t know about hiring an architect.Read More »

Tips and tricks for perfect bedroom | upgradesign

Tips and tricks for perfect bedroom

My friend said the other day: “Nothing is more photogenic than a ‘messy’ bed.”

This is so so soo true. At home, we try to make our bed as neat as possible but on social media, we seem to like those messy ones a bit more. Why is that?
Layers. It is all about layers.

Although as architects we seem to enjoy designing the space, and by that we mean carefully thinking about every little detail, sometimes all you can do in a room is decorate, and by that we mean carefully thinking about casually placing every piece of furniture and decoration in it.

Bedroom, in our opinion, is that kind of room. It is the most private room in the apartment and probably the only one where your guests never walk in – unless invited ;), it is your little oasis and you should style it the way that you’ll feel amazing in it.Read More »

DIY Macrame plant hanger | upgradesign

DIY Macrame plant hanger

We can’t believe it’s been a year since we wrote our first blog post. Since we’re celebrating our 1st birthday (that’s actually tomorrow) we decided to make something and share it with you.
So we thought, even if you’re not planning to remodel your apartment at this moment, maybe your plants can get a new place to stay.

We LOVE macrame plant hangers and they are huge right now. We feel everyone’s posting macrame photos all over Instagram and we love every single one of them.

This DIY is really easy, but we won’t lie – it’s time-consuming. So, arm yourself with patience and start knotting, we promise at the end you’ll be really happy with your new plant hanger.Read More »

JRKVC designed clean and functional apartment using full height bookshelf as a space divider: JRKVC - TRN Apartment Refurbishment

JRKVC designed clean and functional apartment using full height bookshelf as a space divider

Writing about our own projects tends to get quite technical. As the authors of the design, we try to explain what we did. What changed. How it was done.

Writing about interiors designed by architects we admire, is different.

We write about things we notice.

We carefully go through every image of the interior noticing all the wonderful details, while creating sentences to describe our impressions.
We write about the effect of the interior. About emotions it evokes and thoughts it inspires.

And it’s really not that hard to notice amazing design.Read More »