Design your home to sustainability

We rarely talk about it, but we are both obsessed with recycling and waste reduction. A recycling station is a standard part of our home, and we dedicated as much of thought into its design, as we did into the design of any other corner in our apartments. And we’re always finding ways to upgrade it and share new ideas with each other.

When you think about it, recycling is almost a way to practice mindfulness – you have to be aware of the things you’re throwing away, carefully separate different materials, rinse if necessary. It’s completely opposite from tossing everything into a trash can.

It definitely takes some time to create this habit.

And the fact is, there’s not much to do to create a habit than to simply create a habit. Not to confuse simple with easy, though.

However, we do have a list of easy things you could start doing today to design your home to sustainability.

Buy less and reduce

Remember when we talked about capsule interior?

A capsule interior is a concept for home interior featuring a certain number of perfectly matching pieces, made of high-quality materials, with timeless design and flawless craftsmanship.

We are still very into that idea.

But the truth is, the first step to this wonderful dream of a home, is to stop buying.

Buying leads to decluttering, which is nothing but throwing things into the trash – donations included. And while your home will look better, the Earth won’t.

Take your time to eventually buy timeless pieces.

Large packaging = less waste

pantry organization | kitchen organization | jar labels | jar tags | organization containers
Pantry organization // photo: © upgradesign

Buying less food is also a way to reduce waste. At least if you end up throwing it out because you tend to forget about the expiration date. I must admit I am guilty of this.

But good things about foods that can last longer is it’s possible to choose large packages.

You know, all those stylish kitchen jars are designers’ sneaky way to talk you into buying food in large packaging.

Same is with soap dispensers and similar products. Why resist?


reuse | glass jar | plant pot
Old glass jar used as a plant pot

Remember to find a new use for old packaging.

Shoeboxes are perfect for organization! Use them instead of buying new empty boxes because they are sooo pretty. Shoebox can be pretty. Use your imagination or get inspired here, Ingrid wrote an amazing post about this!

Think about how cool that old glass bottle can look like a vase or used for plant propagation. Smaller glass jars are perfect to store spices or you can use it to prepare overnight oatmeal breakfast. Have you tried this?

The best breakfast ever!

Organize a recycling station

kitchen | pantry | organization tips and decoration ideas | recycling station | ikea SORTERA
IKEA SORTERA recycling station // photo: © upgradesign

As we already mentioned, the biggest problem with recycling is to remember to recycle, especially beyond what’s required by law. No one is actually opposed to recycling – they just don’t think that much about it.

Now, when you know you have a bin dedicated to each recyclable material, it is a lot easier to remember.

At the moment, my recycling station consists of:

– fabric
– plastics and aluminium
– glass
– plastic and glass bottles
– paper
– batteries
– reusable paper and plastic bags
– a bio compost bin (in the back of our yard)

Support local farmers

Buy on farmer’s market as much as possible!

Don’t you just hate all those vegetables packed in plastic in your supermarket? We do! So we don’t buy fruits and veggies wrapped up in plastic. Simple as that.

The dream is to, one day, have a small vegetable garden in the backyard. One day…

Enough with the plastic bags


Eco-friendly linen bags // photo: © has the best small linen bags!

There’s always a better option. Just start carrying a canvas bag with you every day, everywhere.

Seriously, you guys, It’s 2019.

_ _

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