Planning an entrance space makeover

My sister always makes fun of me when she enters my home – every time she walks through the front door she acts like she’s putting her coat on a non-existent hanger and the coat ends up on the floor. She’s obviously trying to tell me that I need to do something with my hallway/entrance space.

Isn’t it funny how the entrance space is probably always the last on our to-do list when we’re renovating? We don’t know why is that since this is the first room everybody sees when they come into our home. We always thought it is one of the most important room to design and decorate and still my hallway is still unfinished.

I got to say I’m pretty happy with our bathroom and kitchen makeover and even living room that is (almost) done, it just misses a few art pieces and one beautiful bookcase, but the entrance space is giving me a headache. I just cannot make up my mind.

We have the same tiles as in the kitchen and love them, those are definitely a statement piece together with our dark green front door. Also, remember that old wardrobe Petra forbid me to get rid of and suggested I put it in this hallway. I love how it looks here and we’re using it as a shoe closet. So, at least we have a place to put our shoes in when we come home. The walls are all white and we literally have a clean plate to work with.

hallway closet

All we need in this space is some simple mirror, a coat rack or wall hooks and some kind of stool to sit on when putting on your shoes. It sounds so simple and yet somehow it’s not.

The old wardrobe is made of mahogany veneer and we always thought it is such a hard piece to work around. But we always encourage our clients and readers not to be afraid to use a different kind of woods and textures in one space and we think this is the perfect space where we can show you how to do it.

The key is to put together a moodboard, just to see how the different kinds of wood and colours go together. We love how the front doors go with those amazing tiles and yet there is no green colour on those tiles.

entrance space | hallway | makeover | moodboard | ikea | outofbox

So for a mirror and stool, we chose IKEA pieces. Mirror is this beautiful and simple NISSEDAL one that has a wooden ‘floating’ frame. And it goes together so well with this YPPERLIG bench or smaller stool.

For the wall hooks, we decided to go with Concave wooden buttons in different sizes from one of our favourite Croatian brandoutofbox.

And yet again we didn’t forget how important greenery is. We’re looking for some beautiful hanging plant and fell in love with Ceropegia woodii from studio Botanike, we love how the green from this plant goes great with the colour of our front door and all the wood we picked out.

So, what do you think of this entrance space? Do it or keep exploring?

photo / moodboard: © upgradesign

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