Preparing for a bedroom makeover with House Babylon bed linen

While it might seem like the basic idea behind the home interior design is how to make your home look good, it is actually how to make yourself feel good in your home.

How easily overlooked that subtle difference is crossed my mind a while ago when I got the collaboration opportunity from House Babylon, an ethically-sourced luxury linen and bedding company from London.

You see, we wrote about bedroom design and we always say that bed linen has a huge impact on bedroom styling. But it also has a crucial role in how you feel in your bed. And in the end, isn’t that the most important thing?


So if you’re about to start styling your bedside table, or buying a new one for that matter, be so kind to yourself to choose a couple of amazing beddings to truly upgrade your bedroom first.
And I really did start planning my bedroom makeover. It will be a slow process but it still makes me very excited! It will be on the blog soon (in a year or so…).

My new bedding is perfect, softest one I have ever slept in! It makes me want to purchase every single one from House Babylon.

Have you seen Cairo collection? I’m in love!

house babylon | bed linen | bedspread | luxury linen | egyptian cotton | bedroom makeover

I got the Classic collection full set that comes with one duvet cover, one fitted sheet and two oxford pillowcases in grey colour. I’ll tell you this – you can feel how soft the cotton is only by sleeping in it, just touching it doesn’t do it justice.

We founded House Babylon because we strongly believe that luxury should not be elusive or exclusive. Our mission is to simplify a confusing retail experience by offering a selective range of exceptionally crafted products, sourced ethically without the high mark-ups. Driven by our philosophy we have sourced premium Egyptian Cotton to create the softest most durable bedding sent directly to your doorstep, all at attainable prices.

They use only ethically-sourced, hand-picked, 100% authentic Egyptian cotton, made from long-staple cotton which is 300 – 600 thread count. Unlike Egyptian cotton, the short-staple cotton used by the majority of high-street retailers is naturally weak and with many exposed split ends, resulting in a weaker fibre and inferior weave that frays.



House Babylon’s range includes three collection sets that include sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers and are available in three luxurious colours – white, grey and green.

And now my favourite part – House Babylon has partnered with Hand & Lock, London’s premier embroidery house since 1767, to deliver bespoke bedding by offering custom monogramming, making for the perfect personalised gift.

And seems to me, there’s no better time for perfect gifts than now.

* I was gifted the House Babylon bedding, but all the thoughts and opinions are my own.

photos: © upgradesign

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