Christmas gifts for hosts

While looking forward to Christmas dinners and parties, we started to think about gifts for hosts.

It’s a special gift category, isn’t it? Mostly because sometimes you don’t even know that well the person whose party you’re attending. It could be your friends’ sister. Or your boyfriends’ aunt you’re meeting for the first time. How on Earth could you know what she might like?

You can’t. That’s why we suggest practical, simple, stylish and a little over the board gifts no one could resist.

1. Awesome kitchen items

The fact that someone is hosting a party, pretty much proves they know the way around the kitchen. I know this because I’ve avoided throwing so many parties you wouldn’t believe. I celebrated my birthday as an adult twice – one time my sister threw a surprise party, the other time she did all the cooking.

zara home_glass markers 2
Zara HomeGlass markers – set of 6
brüünbiscuit board
HAY – kaleido trays

So if someone chooses to be a host during the Christmas time, a beautiful kitchen item is definitely a good gift.

2. Candelabra

We see this as an updated version of a scented candle – except you can’t make a mistake of choosing the wrong scent.

ferm living_Balance Tealight Holder - Black Brass
ferm LIVINGBalance Tealight Holder + Balance Candle Holder
hay_moment black
HAY – Moment candle holder

It is Christmasy, cosy, practical but also luxurious.

3. Set or coffee or tea cups

We all have a pretty random collection of cups, don’t we? That’s why we don’t mind adding yet another piece regardless of its design.

marinski heartmades_espresso cups 2
Marinski HeartmadesEspresso cups
Filipa Sorko_chia cups
Chia cups by Filipa Sorko
terra ceramica_cup
Terra ceramica cups

Especially if they are as gorgeous as these are. And, it’s ok to gift only one, a set of two, or even six, totally up to you and the occasion.

4. Food or drink

You can’t go wrong with stylishly packaged food or drink. All you need to know is one little detail about the hosts, such as coffee or tea. Or red or white wine.

kofertea collection
miima vintage_wine_01
@miimavintage – wine collection

Or maybe they prefer gin. I mean – who doesn’t?

kofer_gin box
koferGin gift set

5. Christmas ornament

This is Petra’s idea and I love it. I’m not saying it just because I literally don’t own a single piece of tree ornament at this point, and would love if people give me some, to avoid buying them in panic-mode on Christmas Eve. Chances are, that is going to happen.

ferm living_Brass Christmas Tree Top Star
ferm LIVING – Brass Christmas Tree Top Star
marinski heartmades_christmas baubble
Marinski HeartmadesChristmas bauble

But if you want to be the master-gifter this year, just combine an amazing ornament with a box of home-made Christmas cookies (the ones with real butter and sugar and everything – not the no-bake quinoa energy balls).

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