Why it’s important to start with details

“God is in the details.”

Such a simple sentence, yet so meaningful.

But we can’t say with a certainty we understood the real meaning behind it when we first read it. Yes, we were studying architecture, we were all about making the best of our projects, but we never really understood how important the details are. After all, we were usually working on bigger scales and those projects were not meant to be executed.

Now, when our projects end up being built, all we think about are the details. Materials. Textures. We understand that good interior is about the details and finishes. You don’t have to be an architect or a designer to know what a good interior is, and to understand the impact details have on the overall appearance of the space.

Think about it this way – when you take all the stuff from your apartment, all the decorations, all the bits and bobs that make it so homey and cosy, would you still say your apartment is a perfect example of a great interior design?


IFUB - Apartment S | new shower bath | terrazzo floor | black and white bathroom
IFUB*Wohnung S // photos: © Sorin Morar

act_romegialli - San Giobbe +160 apartment in Venice, Italy aqua alta

act_romegialli - San Giobbe +160 apartment in Venice, Italy concrete aqua alta
act_romegialliSan Giobbe +160 // photos: © Marcello Mariana

We often say that interior design and decoration are not the same things. Interior design is about spaces, flow between those spaces, and details that create that interior.

Interior design is choosing which wall stays and which one goes and why.
Choosing textures and right finishes for your walls. Or choosing perfect wall covers. It’s about choosing perfect doors, the right window frames, but also perfect radiators. Designing a staircase. Choosing tiles and hardwood flooring. Thinking about the transition between different kinds of finishes, flooring…

Maayan Zusman & Amir Navon + mentored design graduate Eilat Dar - Airy and Open apartment, Tel Aviv
Maayan Zusman & Amir Navon + mentored design graduate Eilat Dar – Airy and Open apartment, Tel Aviv // photo: © 181 Architecture photography
Apartment remodel in Zagreb | linoleum floor | OSB floor | OSB corridor
Apartment remodel in Zagreb // photo: © upgradesign
Räs studio - apartment renovation la Diana - stair design - stairs
CRÜ – la Diana // photo: © Adrià Goula
Francesco Librizzi - Casa C
Francesco Librizzi – Casa C // photo: © Giovanna Silva

All of this can be boring and uniform or it can be wonderfully designed to stand out.

It’s important for all those details and finishes to be done perfectly and professionally. Because, if you’re not doing it properly, believe us when we say – it will sneak up on you! Sooner or later, you’ll end up replacing all the details that are poorly done.

The same thing applies to fitted furniture. Fitted furniture is expensive, but for a good reason – it is made to perfectly fit into space you imagined it in.

Interior lighting design | rules and ideas
EO arquitecturaAlan’s Apartment Renovation // photo: © Adrià Goula

bathroom reveal | before and after | renovation | powder room | minimalistic

bathroom reveal | before and after | renovation | powder room | minimalistic
Tina’s new apartment: bathroom reveal // photos: © upgradesign

Basically, the most important thing is to have a great team of people working on your perfect apartment. Those who understand how important it is to do the quality work. Yes, they might be a bit expensive, but they will also save you tons of money because you won’t have to replace everything in a few years time.

When you think about it, good quality is what makes an interior timeless.

We’re inviting you to click on photographs in this post and read more about amazing details in those apartments if you haven’t already. There’s a lot to learn from them!

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