6 things kids can teach us about interior design

Remember all the things moms can teach us about interior design?

In our families, they are in charge. Well, they were – up until they got grandkids and they turned into ‘you-can-have-anything-you-want’ grandmas. To be fair, this is not the case all the time, but we all know sometimes it’s easier to give up and just let the kids do what they want.

We learned a lot about interior design thanks to our moms (and chefs too). But, believe it or not, kids can also teach us a little something about interior design. We’ll dare to say, maybe even more than grown-ups.

When it comes to interior design, what kids want is often ignored. We design everything according to our needs, but what about them? Imagine living in a space where everything is just enormous and you constantly find yourself climbing to reach something you want. It’s not how we’d like to spend our time, but kids just adapt to space around them like it’s not a big deal.

So let’s see what kids can teach us about interior design.

1. Everything reachable is up for grabs

Kids like to play. They like to play with blocks set, or play pretend, or with whatever they find that looks interesting to them. So, this one is an important first point.

Don’t put your favourite furniture somewhere where they can scratch it or write on it when you’re not looking. Don’t put your favourite art and decorative pieces somewhere where they can reach it or break it – or even notice it, for that matter.
But please, keep their toys somewhere where they can see it, and grab it, and start playing right away. And remember, it’s easier to tidy up when you just have to throw every toy in a box or a bag.

Don’t hide their toys from them. Kids are impulsive. If they see an exciting toy in the play box, they probably won’t think of grabbing your pen from a coffee table and draw their beautiful art piece on your newly purchased tv unit.

Well, at least not for a while.


STYLE CURATORDinosaur themed boy’s room: A peek inside Patrick’s big boy room // photos: © Thorson Photography

2. You want to be able to clean everything easily

But if they eventually use a piece of furniture as if it were a blank canvas, remember that you bought that piece specifically because you saw that it is easy to clean/wash.

This is important! Kids sometimes do things like this because they don’t see what’s wrong with it. They also puke if they suddenly get sick or pee if you’re potty training them.

If you have kids keep this in mind when you see a beautiful beige sofa that has covers that are NOT removable and machine-washable. No. Just think about that even if you’re grown up without kids. Even you can have a small accident and spill your wine while watching your favourite show…

3. You don’t need to define a function for every room

Every room can be multifunctional. Rooms can change their function every once in a while.
If you have a home office you probably felt uninspired working in there sometimes. Sometimes you can’t do any work in there. And believe it or not a lot of us would just give up on work that day.

This is what kids do: They don’t feel like playing in their room or playroom because they play there every single day so they grab their toys and go to their parents’ room or bathroom or even to most boring place ever – a hallway.


ikea train | zara home rug | playroom | playtime

indoor playtime // photos: © upgradesign.blog

They play when they want, where they want! So grab that laptop and pretend your dining room is a workspace. Maybe you’ll find it inspiring and do even more work than planned.

4. A bathtub is so much better than a shower

Do you know any kid that prefers a shower over the bathtub? We don’t.

Not just that we don’t, we know a couple of them that scream when they’re taking a shower, but if they’re sitting in a bathtub surrounded with their toys they are very calm and love their bathtime.

We know a lot of you have a small bathroom and you just can’t fit a tub in there. But you can’t fool us – we know you can find a shower that is 30 cm deep and so practical and also perfect for bath time for your kids. Trust us when we say those shower tubs can look good – our friends’ architects have it in their bathroom.

Plus, as moms taught us some time ago, this is not the only reason why bathtub is better than a shower.

5. Kids need to have their space in the apartment

Just like you would invest in great furniture pieces for yourself, invest in great furniture for your kid. You know they will hate eating by themselves if they don’t have a place to eat by themselves or wash their hand in the sink if they can’t reach it.

Invest in a great high chair, buy a stool for them to climb to reach everything you want them to reach and also, buy a smaller armchair to put in your living room or small kitchen and put it in the corner of your own kitchen.

Grownup kitchen | kids kitchen | playroom | ikea kitchen

Grownup kitchen | kids kitchen | playroom | ikea kitchen
Kitchen in kitchen // photos: © Nina Cerovecki

Make them feel like they belong in every room.

6. Best time is time spent outdoors

“I wanna go ooooouuuuut!”

Oh, how the kids know that outdoor space is an underrated extension of a home. They constantly want to hang out on the balcony, or in the yard. They don’t even care if there’s nothing to do – they’ll come up with an activity.

outdoor playtime | slide
outdoor playtime // photo: © Petra Franic

When you think about it, no one can make more use of the space than kids, simply by their imagination. By exploring possibilities and changing their minds. In our opinion, the main thing we can learn from them about interior design is how to look at your home, or a part of your home, from a different angle.

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7 thoughts on “6 things kids can teach us about interior design

  1. Thanks for sharing this kids friendly interior article. I have a sweet kids and he will give you a thanks for sharing with this awesome article because I am going to implement your ideas on my room. I love my kids very much and I want to give him a well decorated room with a great interior that’s he will like.


  2. Hi Tina and Petra,
    Thanks a lot for sharing such an informative article about Interior Design. I also love home decor. I have read your valuable page and gotten much information and now my confused has cleared. If I paint my baby room then how to protect my hair form paint? Could you please suggest me?


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