Welcome to an inspiring kitchen and dining space of our favourite gastro blogger

Every so often we feature a room or an apartment designed by architects and interior designers. As much as we love to study concepts behind those designs and details in them, we miss seeing how those spaces look after the owners have lived there for some time. How do they look like on an average day, with decorations, and smaller pieces of furniture added after the owners moved in.

So we decided to make a new category. Real-life interiors – where we’re going to feature interiors we admire that aren’t necessarily created by professionals, but that look just as amazing. Interiors where we can see how the owners live and why they chose that (life)style.

Interiors that might teach us about interior design as well as life at home in general.

Our first guest in this category is amazing and talented Edita from blog Kuživancija.

kuzivancija | kitchen | new kitchen | interior | interior design | wrought iron doors

We started following her on Instagram more than a year ago after we started our blog. First, a name of her blog drawn us instantly – KUŽIVANCIJA – it’s a combination of Dalmatian word for a kitchen – kužina and a slang uživancija, meaning enjoyment. What a perfect name for a gastro blog!

Her recipes are amazing, photographs of food and everyday life are so inspiring, but after we saw her kitchen and dining room on Instagram it made us think about this new category on our blog. We contacted her hoping she would allow us to show you where her magic comes from, and we were so thrilled when she e-mailed us back.

Here’s what she says about her kitchen:

The kitchen/dining room is my favourite room in the apartment. The entire apartment is designed according to the kitchen. I knew what I wanted from the beginning – colours, textures, and every single kitchen item featured on photographs.

I like open spaces, where almost everything is on display. Sure, it’s somewhat inconvenient to keep everything in order, but in fact, items stored outside the elements are used almost every day.

Edita approached home renovation task just like every professional would – she spent a lot of time researching, looking at inspiring images all over the Internet, and discovering what an amazing tool Pinterest is when you’re planning a home remodel. Or a dinner, for that matter.

After getting a clear idea of what she wants, she called her friend  – interior designer Ivana (Ivy’s Design) to help her with a final design, drawings and finding the best craftsman for the work.

kuzivancija | kitchen | new kitchen | interior | interior design | wrought iron doors

kuzivancija | kitchen | new kitchen | interior | interior design | quartz worktop

Now, we always like to point out that, in order to have a functional kitchen, it is important to follow the rule of a triangle: Store, prepare, cook. Refrigerator, sink, stove. In that order. Because that works every time.

But Edita’s kitchen is small and compact. Practically everything is on a two steps distance. When you have a small kitchen like this it is important to design it to your needs. Be bold. Brake rules if necessary. The most important thing is that after everything is done you’ll be happy to spend time there.

kuzivancija | kitchen | new kitchen | interior | interior design | wrought iron doors

Also, this kitchen wouldn’t be as pretty if the stove wasn’t in the middle of it with this island just in front of it. Symmetry is what works great here!

And we love how she took advantage of a tall ceiling. Too much storage space? That’s not even possible.

The kitchen is not wide (2.8 m), so it was important for me to maximize the space. Although it is almost twice as tall as I am (it’s 3 m high floor to ceiling and I’m only 1.64 m), besides the door frames made of wrought iron, the height of the kitchen is my favourite thing.
It is quite annoying to use ladder every time I have to reach something though, so I decided I’ll keep on higher shelves items I rarely use.

kuzivancija | kitchen | new kitchen | interior | interior design | wrought iron doors

The colours, materials and the textures in this kitchen are what made us fell in love with it immediately. The lower cabinets in lighter grey match perfectly with quartz worktop and beautiful hexagon backsplash. Quartz is a great material for worktops because it is a non-porous material and its texture does not allow bacteria to grow. It is able to resist temperature changes and it is easy to maintain. The upper cabinets with wrought iron door frames are what give this kitchen a special charm.

Almost everything in this kitchen is on display, whether it’s behind glass cabinet doors or on the open shelves, and everything is on display for a reason. Edita knows that this kind of kitchen makes cooking a lot easier for her, but also for someone who cooks there for the first time.

kuzivancija | kitchen | new kitchen | interior | interior design | organization | kitchen organization

kuzivancija | kitchen | new kitchen | interior | interior design | organization | kitchen organization

Just take a careful look at the details. Many of us wouldn’t dare to match silver and brass details, but it worked!

The open shelves are so neat and perfectly organized. We think the key is to keep everything you have in the same glass containers.

kuzivancija | kitchen | new kitchen | interior | interior design | plants | greenery

And the one thing we always emphasize. Plants! These rooms wouldn’t be this pretty if there weren’t so many plants here. Plants are everywhere. Plants make this home feel homier. Which means you can never have too many plants in your home!

The whole area is filled with plants.
I love them and I have them everywhere in the apartment!

kuzivancija | kitchen | new kitchen | interior | interior design | organization | kitchen island

Now let’s take a moment to appreciate this island.

First of all, this kitchen wouldn’t be as functional without extra workspace added. The island is the part of the kitchen that, in our eyes, combines Edita’s kitchen and dining space – the wrought iron on the island ties with the cabinet doors as well as wooden elements tie with a wooden dining table.

The island and the table in the dining room were custom made and believe it or not – neither one of them turned out as I imagined it, but they are a perfect fit.

Even though every detail was carefully picked out, I wanted to achieve a feeling of easy-going, joyful cooking.

kuzivancija | dining space | dining table | rustic wood | wishbone chair

kuzivancija | dining space | dining table | rustic wood | wishbone chair

Edita specifically asked for a wooden, rustic dining table. It’s the best option for a gastro blogger because you have a great base for photographs of your recipes, but also rustic wood always looks great. You can scratch it or burn it, and no-one will probably notice!

And look at those chairs around the table! Remember what we said about mix and match in your dining space?  That’s a great idea because you can always add an extra chair that normally doesn’t belong there. And she has a great taste… look at that wishbone chairs, one of our favourites and on a wishlist since forever!

The beautiful wall behind the dining table is also a setting for her photographs. At first, she imagined it to be a wall with a concrete effect – to create a space that, thanks to the big façade windows, looks like an indoor terrace.

kuzivancija | dining space | dining table | rustic wood | plants | greenery | feature wall

The craftsman managed to make it perfect but unfortunately, dropped the curtains out of their hands one evening while they were putting them up, and made a hole in a wall. The damage was irreparable so Ivana invited artist Damir to paint the whole wall. Unplanned, sure, but as a result, Edita has a perfect background.

We are so in love with this spaces that it is hard to stop writing…

Oh, how we wish someday our apartments would be this charming, homey and perfect reflection of who we are!

How did you like this kitchen/dining tour? Tell us in a comment section below!

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