New from Ikea – August News and Sammanhang collection

You’ll hate us for saying this, but… summer’s almost over. Yup, so sad… We know that because Ikea has two new collections in August.

Our summer was pretty busy this year and to tell you the truth we’re not big fans of a ‘you don’t have a proper summer vacation’ summers. But sometimes life’s just not fair.
And since we’re running out of ideas (and free friends) on how to spend our afternoons and evenings having a perfect summer in the city last week we decided to go to Ikea. Tina is still furnishing her new apartment, so why not? It’s not like we’ll buy something we don’t need. 🙂

We’ve already scrolled through the new catalogues and it was time to go see all of it in person.

So, have you seen what Ikea prepared for this August? We’re in love! We spotted few must-have items – especially if you’re an organizational freak! And you know we are, or at least we try our best to be…

Today we decided to show you our favourites and introduce you to those beautiful collections. Once again there’s one limited edition collection, so be quick and smart.

August news

This month we’re happy to introduce a look that’s all about connecting to yourself and creating a home that’s personal, organised and comfortable. The style is minimalist Scandinavian, the mood is poetic and the colours range from soft pastels to graphic monochromes.



HAVSEN sink a beautiful traditional white ceramic sink that is so easy to maintain. It comes in three designs – a one or two-bowl variation with a visible front or as a one bowl inset sink.

Doesn’t it look amazing combined with this GAMLESJÖN tap from April’s collection?


VADHOLMA kitchen series inspired by the style of an old bakery or butcher shop. Take a look at this kitchen island. It has a real butcher block look, even though it’s made with engineered wood that uses a layer of solid oak on top of particle board, so it has better quality properties – it’s more resistant to bending and cracks. But it can be sanded and retreated just like a solid wood work top.

It’s possible to add a rack on it to hang hooks for utensils to create easy access for things needed when preparing food, so it turns into a perfect preparation station in the kitchen.



EVEDAL lamps designed by a British designer Aaron Probyn. He used a double-layered glass shade, a marble foot and brass details.

I always want to design products that feel timeless and genuine, both in shape and material. The EVEDAL series is inspired by Scandinavian design from the mid-20th
century. The most characteristic thing about it is its outer shade in coloured glass which encloses the inner shining light ‒ something that I think gives the lamp a beautifully poetic look.
Aaron Probyn

And totally different but just as cool – TÄRNABY table lamp
Inspired by old-fashioned kerosene lamps, it’s made with materials like metal and mouthblown glass and has brass-coloured details and a textile cord.



GREJIG shoe rack – the simplest vertical storage in the hallway or inside a wardrobe. Every shelf holds up to three pairs of shoes and you can stack three on top of each other.




VATTENKRASSE watering can perfect for watering your plants and so beautiful you can just casually leave it somewhere for everyone to see. And look at these cute GRADVIS plant pots that come in a smaller pink and a larger grey size with a ribbed surface giving a nice tactile and visual effect.

And last but not least…


EGENTID tea series characterised by natural ingredients without artificial colours or preservatives. It comes in three different flavours – peppermint/cocoa, black chai ginger/
elderberries and herbal tea with lemongrass. We tried peppermint/cocoa and LOVED IT!

Drinking tea is a great way to take out time to clear one’s mind, reflect and recover. A break from the stressful demands of everyday life. That’s why we developed EGENTID. A certified sustainable tea series with a name that actually means “time on your own” in Swedish.

Perfect for our ‘no vacation’ summer…


The time has come to celebrate your stuff. It might sound silly, or even obvious, but the truth is that many feel obliged to have less. Even when a lot of the things carry an emotional value, you might still be dreaming of clearing out your shelves.
We hear you.
But what if the true trend is not about having less, but about guilt-free collecting? There’s a reason behind not getting rid of, and instead of putting on display for the world to see. Many times we collect because it brings us immense joy; because it spreads a sense of peace to a small part of this chaotic world.
Because the present becomes a tad bit closer to the past.
The SAMMANHANG collection is not here to judge you for loving to collect stuff, nor is it here to steal the spotlight from your collection. It’s just here to make it look better – to celebrate your personal process of collecting.


Beautiful and simple display box designed by design duo Lisa Widén and Anna Wallinfor, that can be used as a mini-exhibit.

We found inspiration for the display box in galleries and museums usually, and how
they display collections and valuable objects. Just as we hope you’ll feel like doing ‒
on a wall or a shelf.
Lisa Widén and Anna Wallinfor



The glass is pretty amazing material. If you know all of its possibilities you can design great pieces with it. Like Joel and Kate Booy did. They looked at how to hide and display with glass – a material we are used to as transparent and revealing.

We were inspired by glass and its reflective properties; the way light travels through it and bends and warps your perception. We chose to focus on the juxtaposition of hiding and revealing objects at the same time.
Joel and Kate Booy

Half of the side of the shelf has ribbed glass and the other half has clear glass so you can choose if you want to hide the contents or to have them stand out.



Beautiful set of boxes designed by Hanna-Kaarina Heikkilä, made of paperboard and corkboard. When you don’t want to display all that messy stuff.


Iina Vuorivirta designed our favourite piece in this collection – a wall shelf. It is so simple and minimalistic we can imagine it looking great in every interior. She also designed these tiny domes perfect for displaying special small pieces of your collection.

I wanted to create a type of platform for things you want to display. This resulted in SAMMANHANG wall shelf, with room for big and small things.

Personally I will line up my small cactuses in a nice green row.
Iina Vuorivirta


Use the shelf in the kitchen for storing spices, herbs and all the other stuff that clutters your countertop. In the bathroom, for nail polish and all kinds of makeup. On your bookshelf to display all the tiny, pretty things you bought at the flea market. Show off your amazing creations or favourite toys. In your hallway, for keys, wallets and other stuff for grabbing and going.
Or place it on your dining table and fill it with treats for your next party!
Henrik Preutz



These simple round wall shelves are perfect for all of you who want to display your items in a most organized way – one item per shelf.

It has a simple, round shape and a neutral look ‒ which highlights the things you place on top. Display them as you like ‒ next to each other, on top of each other, in groups or on their own.
Aaron Probyn

We think all of you collectors out there will find something for yourself, and all of you hoarders too… We know we did (already bought some too).

photos: © IKEA

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