4 designer details to make your shower stand out

Remember way back when we wrote about tiles? To tell you the truth, it is still our no. 1 post – the one which brought most of you to our blog.

And it’s not because we said something groundbreaking about them, but because we showed how beautiful and versatile they can be.

Among others, we showed wonderful tiles from Mercury Mosaics.

And now Mercedes from Mercury Mosaics asked us to write a guest post for our blog. The thing is, we would have asked her to be our guest writer because we truly admire their work, but we would never think she’d be willing to do it. Isn’t it funny?

So today, we are happy to share with you this post we loved so much. Because you’ll love it, too.

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Shower walls have become a canvas for some of the most stunning splashes of pattern & color gracing the bathroom. Besides the kitchen space, bathrooms are one of the most used spaces in a residence. You get ready in this space, you recharge, occasionally relax and self-care happens here, this space isn’t “just a room”. Within this most-important sanctuary is the ever-loved shower. In modern times, you’re more likely to find a shower than a tub, so why not spend a little more time on the details that matter to make the shower the best it can be.  There are 4 details that really stand out:

  1. Colorful & patterned tiles
  2. Niche
  3. Architectural tile edge-finishes
  4. Quartz bench

Shower Plan

Colorful & patterned tiles

The whole driving force of this shower was sourcing a handcrafted tile in the aqua/turquoise range. Some of the favorites came out of Minneapolis, Minnesota at Mercury Mosaics. We went with an elongated Subway Tile measuring 3″ x 8″. This is 2 inches longer than your classic subway tile to give us a little more of a modern, elongated look. The hue that we landed on is called Blue Bell, specifically: 12W Blue Bell.


Depending on the lighting, surrounding materials and even the grout color in between the tile spaces, this color has such a wide range of variation: it’s stunning.

We wanted the floor to be this celebration of pattern and the market has such a fabulous offering of concrete tile. The budget for this handmade tile is higher, so sourcing a cost-effective cement floor tile gave the wiggle room needed to splurge on a handcrafted subway tile for the walls.Zanzibar-Grey-16


A fabulous niche is an absolute must have in your new shower. First of all, what’s a niche? Well, it’s basically a small storage space in the wall of your shower, usually about 3″ deep, that stores soap and shampoo bottles with whatever else you need. It’s functional and when well thought out, it can be very stylish. For this particular shower, we were after more of a streamlined look for the turquoise-inspired subway tile, so the niche was simply a continuation of the color and pattern of the subway tile.


Architectural tile edge-finishes

Architectural details such as a bullnose tile makes all the difference. To make for a smooth transition, we used a bullnose-edged 3″ x 8″ Subway Tile. The tops of the niche have a bullnose edge treatment on the 8″ edge, whereas the sides have a bullnose edge treatment on the 3″ edge. Bullnose treatment is simply a rounded edge and the idea is that the rounded edge makes a soft transition around an outer corner or at an end. It makes it so you cannot see the unfinished-edge of a tile. It’s a small detail that makes it so you spend more time noticing the beauty and craftsmanship of the overall space.

Shower Niche Details

Quartz bench

Last but not least is the feature of a quartz shower bench. For this, Cambria was a natural choice. Not only are they a surface made right here in the US, but their material is so low maintenance and they have a broad selection. We went with the Whitehall finish.



As a woman, the shower bench is such an important part of being able to conveniently shave your legs. It’s a great spot if you ever feel like sitting in the shower. Definitely an advantage if you plan for a little relaxation in the shower. With these details well in tow, you’ll be sure to have a shower oasis that will recharge you daily – launching you to live your best life.

photos: ©Mercury Mosaics

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4 thoughts on “4 designer details to make your shower stand out

  1. Hi Tina and Petra!
    Thank you for your interesting and inspiring ideas! We’re currently in the middle of a bathroom renovation, so I am looking for some inspiration.
    I agree, niche is a must have! When we started planning our renovation I made it clear that I want a niche instead of any shelving for shampoo bottles. I think it looks really beautiful, and the most importantly, it is functional! I also love the idea of colorful tiles, turquoise gives such a fresh feeling.
    Thank you for sharing your tips! I found them really useful!


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