9 stations to implement in your home for a stress-free life

From our point of view, home improvement is actually a life-at-home improvement. Sure we like pretty things, but we like practical solutions for everyday life maybe even more.

Today we’re about to share how to simplify your house chores and find more time for the things you enjoy doing by creating little zones for a specific purpose.

These are our favourites:

1. Cleaning stations

Yes, plural.

If you think about it, a bathroom requires a different set of cleaning tools and products than a bedroom or a hallway. There’s no real reason to keep everything in one place. Actually, it’s almost impossible to keep an organized storage of your entire collection of cleaning supplies.

Bathroom | organization tips and decoration ideas

Bathroom | organization tips and decoration ideas
cleaning stations // photos: © upgradesign

Plus, the most obvious way to simplify your house chores, is to find a place for the things you use, in a place you use them. Because constantly carrying things around gets so frustrating, doesn’t it?

2. Keys station

A constant search for things is also frustrating.

And unnecessary, since there are so many elegant ways to incorporate practical small storage solutions somewhere in your home.

entrance | organization tips and decoration ideas | key station | IKEA YPPERLIG
IKEA YPPERLIG holding keys // photo: © upgradesign

An entryway is probably the most logical spot for this particular purpose. We are really into perfectly styled cabinets, but a small shelf (or Ikea Ypperlig wall shelf) would also do a good job.

3. Recycling station

A recycling station is basically a set of bins that could be a part of your hallway closet or placed in a pantry, as neat and pretty as you want them to be. But if you’re not that into recycling yet, even a few simple cardboard boxes might encourage you to get on board.

kitchen | pantry | organization tips and decoration ideas | recycling station | ikea SORTERA
IKEA SORTERA recycling station // photo: © upgradesign

4. Laundry station

If a laundry room just isn’t going to happen for you, a laundry station is definitely something worth considering,

Now, there’s no one who appreciates an empty, minimalistic, spa-like bathroom more than we do, but to dedicate an area of your bathroom to a large laundry basket – including two or three separate bins which would enable you to easily pre-divide your clothes – could save you a lot of time. Put a simple shelf or a cabinet above it, and you made yourself a great spot for detergents and fabric softeners.

5. Charging station

No explanations needed here. Let’s just collect all our charges and put them in one place once and for all. Why isn’t this already done, it’s 2018 for Heaven’s sake!

6. Laptop station

A laptop is a semi-portable device, wouldn’t you say? While it is possible to move it around, it seems to require a place of its own.

fitted furniture | fitted storage | closet | wardrobe |work niche | Maayan Zusman & Amir Navon + mentored design graduate Eilat Dar - Airy and Open apartment, Tel Aviv
Hallway with working space niche // Maayan Zusman & Amir Navon + mentored design graduate Eilat Dar – Airy and Open apartment, Tel Aviv // photo: © 181 Architecture photography

A simple niche or a tiny desk would make a wonderful laptop station. To make as much use of it as possible, combine it with some kind of filing system for documents, bills and receipts.

You see, we think of a laptop station as a casual home office, placed somewhere between an ironing desk (to catch up on a new podcast episode while ironing) and a yoga mat (to see what is Adriene up to in a new episode of Yoga with Adriene).

bedroom workspace ideas | organization | styling

bedroom workspace ideas | organization | styling | ikea ypperlig
laptop station // photos: © upgradesign

7. Workout station

Not sure if you’re into a home workout, but 7-minute yoga stress relief must sound like a good decision.

And yoga zone has been on our wish list for a long time. We believe having everything ready, waiting for us to jump on the mat, is a very convincing argument to actually do the exercise.

8. Hobby station

Same goes for hobby stations of any kind. It’s just so much easier to start (and finish!) a project when you have everything prepared.

A wrapping station in December is definitely our cup of tea.

9. Coffee and tea station

Also, coffee is our cup of tea! Actually, tea is Petra’s cup of tea.

But wouldn’t a station dedicated to your favourite hot beverage be a dream come true?

Not only would you free your kitchen worktop from a coffee maker and/or electric kettle, but you would have an opportunity to create a perfect little cosy nook to enjoy every morning.

minimalistic kitchen | white kitchen | simple kitchen | HASA Architects - Bankside apartment
HASA Architects – Bankside apartment // photo: © James Whitaker Photographer

We are in love with coffee stations (breakfast stations, even!) ever since how Elani from My Paradissi styled hers. Now we can’t wait to organize one!

It’s actually the only one we haven’t implemented yet – except for a charging station, which is happening as soon as we finish writing this post.

But we are in constant search for more ideas, and we hope to read all about them in the comments section and to see your solutions on Instagram.

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