Why DIY – a wedding

Okay, you might say we’ve been neglecting this blog. And that might be true. But we were also renovating homes and doing all sorts of things which will soon find their way to this website. Promise.

Most recently – literally a week ago – we designed decorations we’re about to show you. Not because they are something to learn from, but because we think they’re pretty. Isn’t that reason enough?

Now, whether or not you should ever consider DIY wedding decorations (or decorations for any party) is quite obvious: if it’s not overwhelming and if you find it enjoyable, then definitely.

Especially when they’re easy to DIY. And the ones we had in mind, were very simple. You see, wedding theme was simplicity. Or, as Tina’s sister would describe it: “Barely enough decorated to even call it a wedding.” But it worked perfectly. 🙂

And we have to say/write a HUGE thank you to Tina’s sister, without her this wouldn’t look quite as good!

DIY | wedding | decorations | flower decorations


We used a whole bunch of greenery combined with white flowers only.

For the tables, we found these beautiful glass bottles that we used as vases each holding a different kind of greenery and in the middle we put three beautiful candle holders from IKEA.

And for the wedding bouquet, keeping it simple and going for a hand-tied look, we combined Peonies, Baby’s breath, Silver Dollar Eucalyptus and Olive branches.
The Olive branches were also used as a decoration on table menus and thank you packages for guests.

We like to think we did a pretty good job, well, the important thing is we’re happy how everything turned out and we had a great time doing it all by ourselves!



DIY | wedding | decorations | flower decorations

DIY | wedding | decorations | flower decorations

DIY | wedding | decorations | flower decorations

photos: © Anna Kel

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