Why we love terrazzo

We guess you’re somewhat familiar with terrazzo, but would you consider terrazzo flooring in your home?

Because terrazzo is back. It has been back for quite some time. And we’re not gonna lie to you – it’s getting pretty frustrating suggesting this amazing material (blend of materials, to be precise) to our clients, only to see them shake their heads with disagreement.

Just give it a chance!

We understand a lot of you had those old terrazzo tiles on the kitchen floor and almost died trying to get rid of them. And most of you watched that ‘ugly’ tiles on weekdays in school. every. single. day. But terrazzo is so much more than that ‘ugly’ tiles you remember.

There’s a great story behind this flooring and we bet some of you haters out there might begin to love it – mostly because it’s versatile…

A+Architecture - Oldfield Road | terrazzo | terrazzo floor | light terrazzo

A+ArchitectureOldfield Road // photos: © Peter Landers Photography

The form of terrazzo we mostly use today comes from the pavimento all Veneziana (Venetian pavement) and it all started when Venetian construction workers began mixing scraps of materials from upscale jobs with clay to create inexpensive flooring for their home terraces.

Terrazzo (Italian for terrace) is a composite material that consists of chips of marble, quartz, granite, glass or other suitable material that can vary from fine to medium grain, poured with a cementitious or/and polymeric binder to form a single compound. It can be poured on site or precast. If it’s poured on site, the metal strips are used to divide sections, and changes in colour or material in a pattern. It is often used both for its durability and its ability to create a unique design.

IFUB - Wohnung S | terrazzo | terrazzo floor | dark terrazzo
IFUB*Wohnung S // photos: © Sorin Morar

Dialect studio - Anne | terrazzo | terrazzo worktop | terrazzo in a kitchen | red terrazzo

Dialect studio - Anne | terrazzo | terrazzo worktop | terrazzo in a kitchen | red terrazzo
DIALECTAnne // photos: © DIALECT

JAC studios - Sturlasgade | terrazzo | terrazzo bathroom | light terrazzo | terrazzo bathtub

JAC studiosSturlasgade // photos: © Karina Tengberg

Designers started to recognize its qualities and started to use terrazzo on furniture as well as accessories. Take a look at these products. They couldn’t be more perfect!

BENTU - TU pendant | terrazzo furniture | terrazzo lighting | terrazzo accessories
BENTU – TU pendant

ZAKKIA handmade homewares

CARLY JO MORGAN - Moon+Pole | terrazzo furniture | terrazzo lighting | terrazzo accessories

We are very much into a timeless design – and terrazzo has literally been used for centuries. It is possible to take full control over the final design, to choose a type of marble, its colour, shapes and sizes of the pieces, even position of those pieces (if they are big enough for this to make sense) – and we love to have that many options.

So, of course, we love terrazzo. How could we not?

_ _

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