New Ikea collections for our March favourites

We’re not sure about your level of excitement right now, but ours is pretty high.

Have you seen what Ikea prepared for this April? We’re mesmerized!

And how could we not love Ikea designs? Something for everybody – that’s their motto! As we were scrolling through the new catalogues (we spent almost the whole March scrolling around), we spotted few must-have items – not because they are so hip and trendy, but because they are designed as something we wished we owned ten years ago and will want to own ten years from now!

We’ll show you our favourites and introduce you to those collections, and we hope you’ll also find something for your must-have list. One of those is limited edition collection, that means they are here today but might be gone tomorrow so be quick and smart. Enjoy!

April News

This month we’re proud to introduce products that help bring nature indoors and reconnect with the senses. The materials are natural and the colours are warm and earthy; it’s about embracing imperfections and making room for nature and relaxation. Fitting perfectly within the Blurred Boundaries trend identified by IKEA for this spring and summer, April News blends the boundary between indoor and outdoor furniture.



SANDARED knitted pouffes that can be used as decorative occasional seats, stylish footstools and comfortable floor cushions. Plus that amazing thing Ikea always does – they’re available in three different sizes and coloured covers can be easily removed and washed.
And they go very well together with this SNIDAD basket that is handmade with a natural rattan material. Use it for storing everyday items like blankets or throws, or store your favourite magazines inside it and put it next to your favourite reading armchair…


Beautiful BJÖRKSNÄS collection, which includes a bed frame, bedside table and chest of drawers designed by Knut Hagberg and Marianne Hagberg.

The inspiration for this collection comes from our Scandinavian roots and from the reality of everyday life. The neat and airy look is characterised by natural materials with fine carpentry details and proportions that make the furniture fit in many rooms. These are classic and freestanding products created to last a long time and to survive the ever-changing world of interior design.
Practical and with a simplistic design idiom which is typically Scandinavian.
Knut Hagberg and Marianne Hagberg

IKEA NYMÅNE wall lamps

There are now three new types of lamps in the NYMÅNE series and we love all three of them.
The wall reading lamp can be directed to wherever needed, while a wall lamp with a swing arm extends up to 50 cm. Both are dimmable and perfect as bedside lamps, or as reading lights in the living room.
And for a more general, ambient light there’s an up/downlighter that can be perfect in a hallway or maybe for lighting a perfect art piece.

IKEA KUNGSFORS wall system

For an industrial-style kitchen with open storage, here’s a KUNGSFORS wall system – a flexible system that works for kitchens of all sizes, and really puts kitchen walls to work in a very efficient way. It’s been developed in collaboration with the Swedish top chef Maximillian Lundin.

A home kitchen is of course not the same as a restaurant kitchen. But there are a lot of practical things to be learnt from a restaurant kitchen. Like having utensils and ingredients easily accessible so that you have a good flow when cooking,
and have plenty of space on the kitchen worktop.
chef Maximillian Lundin

They’ve focused on durable materials and smart wall storage that frees up space on the worktop for all creative home cooks. It consists of rails for installation, wooden and stainless steel shelves, storage grids, a magnetic knife holder, storage containers, hooks and magnetic clips.

IKEA ENEBY speakers

IKEA ENEBY speakers

And this FIRST TIME IN IKEA item – ENEBY speakersSomething we wished we owned ten years ago and will want to own ten years from now.
ENEBY speakers are Bluetooth® connected and come in a sleek design making them beautiful accessories we all want to have. They’re available in two sizes and colours and a smaller one has a handle so it can be hung on a hook or taken along to a party or picnic.

There’s really nothing to stop music from being part of the home, any time. It’s time to furnish with sound.


designed by IKEA, Maja Ganszyniec & Andreas Fredriksson

Many people know that their mental and emotional wellbeing is as important as and can affect good physical health. In our busy, modern lives we can often feel removed from nature and even ourselves.
Launching this April, the limited edition HJÄRTELIG collection invites us to press the “pause” button, if only for a little while, on a daily life that’s often hectic, complicated and online.

IKEA HJÄRTELIG collection designed by IKEA, Maja Ganszyniec & Andreas Fredriksson

IKEA HJÄRTELIG collection designed by IKEA, Maja Ganszyniec & Andreas Fredriksson

When we looked at bedroom habits, we realised that many of us have clothes in a pile. We then created a suitable piece of furniture ‒ HJÄRTELIG bench with clothes rack. Here you can hang clothes for tomorrow and clothes that you don’t want in the wardrobe or thrown in the laundry. Under the bench you can store your nice shoes ‒ and try them on seated. We were also inspired to create the matching HJÄRTELIG bedside table. Perfect for an evening book or your favourite plant.
Maja Ganszyniec

Natural materials in this collection make a statement about the common desire to live in close connection to the natural world.
IKEA always aims to use natural materials that are renewable, recycled or recyclable, and also durable for day-to-day use. But they always make sure that everything is also affordable.

From a multi-functional platform that can be used as a beautiful table or a bed for stretching out, to scented candles for a calming ambience and beautiful jars and boxes, this collection is a range of furniture, home furnishing accessories and a yoga kit that’s designed to create a pleasant atmosphere for rest, relaxation and gentle exercise. Perfect for creating a wellness vibe in your home.

IKEA HJÄRTELIG collection designed by IKEA, Maja Ganszyniec & Andreas Fredriksson

IKEA HJÄRTELIG collection designed by IKEA, Maja Ganszyniec & Andreas Fredriksson

IKEA HJÄRTELIG collection designed by IKEA, Maja Ganszyniec & Andreas Fredriksson

In the HJÄRTELIG yoga bag there is room for everything you need to bring to your yoga class. There is plenty of room for both exercise clothes and towels, and pockets to keep smaller accessories safe. I also created openings in the straps on the outside where you can slide in your yoga mat or an extra top. It is also made by cotton from more sustainable sources.
Maja Ganszyniec

Plus, sneaking in that gorgeous yoga mat just as we were talking about how we both need a new one… well, guess their marketing researchers know how to do their job.

So, what do you think about these? We seriously cannot wait to implement some of these into our homes.

photos: © IKEA

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