How to start a capsule interior

“But shouldn’t we choose furniture that will increase in value over time?” asked Maks (you don’t know Maks yet) the other day.

And he got us thinking.

The reality is: we can’t really commit to one “style” and we want to be able to redo our entire home when we get bored with it, without breaking the bank.

That’s just the way things work these days. Or at least they used to work.

Are you familiar with the term “capsule wardrobe”? Even though it tends to get pretty extreme, it’s actually a pretty cool concept.

The same logic could be applied to furniture and small decorative pieces. Instead of dozens of temporary designs, how about we start to work on, basically, a capsule interior?

A capsule interior which would consist of a certain number of perfectly matching pieces, made of high-quality materials, with timeless design and flawless craftsmanship.

Take a few moments to check out a few of our latest favourite ‘small’ furniture/product makers. Their products might easily convince you to start considering this idea. Because the fact is: we should choose furniture that will increase in value over time.

Kora Studio

A small family workshop from Serbia. They are designing and manufacturing small and unique pieces of furniture.

Kora - Bench Preplet | furniture | wooden furniture | furniture design

In the modern era, the interior of your home is a part of your personality and your style statement. It reflects your mood and your choices. The most integral part of the furniture is its quality, and life and durability of the furniture depend upon the quality of the materials used. Custom handmade furniture is always prepared with great care in terms of good quality components. Handmade furniture looks artistic and speaks for itself.

– Kora –

Kora - Table Tray | furniture | wooden furniture | furniture design

Kora - Box Beret | product design | wood | leather | box set
photos: © Kora Studio // Instagram: @korafurniture

Luminis lamps

A new line of light design made in Rijeka, Croatia. Everything is produced locally by small craftsmen with great knowledge and experience.

We love the simplicity of their design and we hope they will grow bigger and bigger.

Luminis lamps - Simple copper | product design | lamp design | copper details | lighting
photos: © Luminis lamps // Instagram: @luminis_lamps

Blanko studio

A small furniture design studio/workshop based in Novi Sad, Serbia. Every piece of furniture they make is handcrafted from start to finish, by Blanko studio in collaboration with various talented locally-based craftsmen.

Blanko - Wire stand | product design | furniture design | wire stand | wire plant stand

The idea of creating furniture that is not necessary for every household wasn’t so popular, but our goal is not to create something that everybody just needs, we want to create something that somebody wants so that every one of our pieces can find a perfect home.

– Blanko –

Blanko - Plant pot | product design | plant pot

Blanko - Wire stand | product design | furniture design | wire stand | wire plant stand
photos: © Blanko studio // Instagram: @blankostudio


They represent a collection of design objects for your home and office. Their products are inspired by universal symbols that extend through all aspects of life, from nature, art, spirituality or geometry, e.g. concentric circles, pyramids, the golden ratio and duality, and as such are integrated into everyday objects to bring timeless beauty into our surrounding.

VAU products | product design | statement pieces | stationery design pieces | stationery design

By combining function and symbolism, we create new shapes, minimal and characteristic. Our goal is to create timeless products that transcend trends. The energy of a space and the objects within it affect us. We believe there are those who support us in creating harmony and expressing ourselves on a deeper level.
– VAU –

VAU products | product design | statement pieces | stationery design pieces | stationery design

VAU - Triangle bottle oppener | product design | statement pieces |
photos: © VAU // Instagram: @vauproducts

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