New Ikea collections for our March favourites

New Ikea collections for our March favourites

We’re not sure about your level of excitement right now, but ours is pretty high.

Have you seen what Ikea prepared for this April? We’re mesmerized!

And how could we not love Ikea designs? Something for everybody – that’s their motto! As we were scrolling through the new catalogues (we spent almost the whole March scrolling around), we spotted few must-have items – not because they are so hip and trendy, but because they are designed as something we wished we owned ten years ago and will want to own ten years from now!

We’ll show you our favourites and introduce you to those collections, and we hope you’ll also find something for your must-have list. One of those is limited edition collection, that means they are here today but might be gone tomorrow so be quick and smart. Enjoy! Continue reading “New Ikea collections for our March favourites”

How to start a capsule interior

How to start a capsule interior

“But shouldn’t we choose furniture that will increase in value over time?” asked Maks (you don’t know Maks yet) the other day.

And he got us thinking.

The reality is: we can’t really commit to one “style” and we want to be able to redo our entire home when we get bored with it, without breaking the bank.

That’s just the way things work these days. Or at least they used to work.

Are you familiar with the term “capsule wardrobe”? Even though it tends to get pretty extreme, it’s actually a pretty cool concept.

The same logic could be applied to furniture and small decorative pieces. Instead of dozens of temporary designs, how about we start to work on, basically, a capsule interior? Continue reading “How to start a capsule interior”