February favourites

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Oh gosh. If this weren’t a design blog, the list of our February favourites would probably consist of coffee and chocolate. And Ritter Sport Kaffeesplitter – which is basically coffee in chocolate. Seriously, have you tasted it? It’s the best!

But being busy (isn’t that the most annoying expression ever?) never stopped us from noticing pretty things. And we would hate to see it stop you.

That’s why we curated this collection of our (non-eatable) favourites. Hope you’ll like our February list.


1:     Amazing watercoloured drawings/illustrations made by incredible Margo, you probably follow her on Instagram and if you’re not YOU SHOULD! :: MARGO HUPERT art
2:    Eileen hook by WOUD, designed by Gustav Rosén. Beautiful, simple and surprisingly versatile hook. Clothes can be hung on top and the metal structure can be used for hangers. It is named after Eileen Gray as a homage to the great pioneer of the modern movement in architecture. :: EILEEN hook
3:   Natural Maguey Shopper by Nido Collective – a beautiful and sustainable (and very eco-friendly) bag made from fibres from the agave cactus that takes 2 weeks to make :: Natural MAGUEY Shopper
4:   Simple and minimalistic wall lamp made of totally pure cement body with metal inner support :: HYDRO AP1 wall lamp 
5:    After years and years of trying different products this one may be the one. Well, at least for now it’s doing a great job + we love this simple packaging – it’s all about what’s inside :: DERMALOGICA
6:    If you are a design freak and hate the looks (and feel) of the usual ROAD kid carpet we are in love with all of the options from H&M home – check them out on their page :: PRINTED COTTON rug


** This is not a sponsored post. We’re not receiving any type of payment for this. We’re simply sharing something that we like, with the hope it will inspire you to appreciate the effort designers put in their products.

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