Why we think you shouldn’t settle for subtle grouts

Have you ever avoided to try certain dish just because you thought you won’t like it? Or to wear a certain outfit just because you believed you’re not slim/tall/tan enough to pull it off? And then someone talked you into it, and you were surprised how wonderful it tasted/fitted?

I probably wouldn’t have tried chicken curry if my sister hadn’t insisted. Nor would I have bought a golden skirt. But that’s another story.

The point is, designers and architects are a lot like my sister. They are pretty bold decision makers. They want to take an interior (or family weeknight dinner) to the next level.

And maybe you won’t like some of them. Maybe you’ll believe them to be over-designed, or too minimalist. And that’s ok.  Because even though we strongly believe there’s an objective way to observe an interior and see if the design is good or not, the fact is, our emotions and our taste affect the way we see things.

Yet, even though we maybe don’t like the style of an apartment, it is so important to really study its details. There’s always something to learn from professional architects, just trust us on this one.

Remember that time we learned how to place a washing machine in the dead corner of the L-shaped kitchen? We would miss that ingenious solution if we had focused on the fact we don’t really like OSB in interiors. Okay, we loved it from the very beginning, but you see what we mean.

Here’s the thing. We love to experiment, and we love to see projects of architects who experiment. Who use a lot of textures and materials and manage to combine the impossible. And this usually goes for bathrooms and kitchens, probably because there’s a lot of details to experiment with.

Lately, we’ve been obsessed with endless possibilities of tiles and grouts combinations. You see, it was easy to pick the grout colour when there were only a few basic options to choose from. The process was simple:

  1. choose tiles
  2. find the grout colour that is most similar to the tile colour


But not anymore.

And even though more options always result in more time spent on making up our minds, it’s really time well spent.

Plus, we feel like people are starting to love those colourful combinations of tiles and grouts more and more. Maybe it’s just the Pinterest smart feed doing its job, but our feed is filled with the loveliest bathrooms.

Believe us when we say you could completely transform your kitchen or bathroom not by changing all the tiles (if you’re lucky to have at least neutral if not gorgeous ones) but by changing the colour of your grouts.

Adam Wiercinski Architekt - K103-4 | white bathroom | white tiles | black grout colour | simple bathroom
Adam Wiercinski Architekt – K103 // photo: © Przemysław Turlej

For example, simple white squared tiles (10 x 10) – sometimes referred to as ‘hospital tiles’ – were considered quite outdated and unattractive few years ago. Ten or twenty years ago, we would probably choose white or light grey grout colour to go with them. Nowadays we’re choosing black or dark grey mostly for practical reasons – in a bathroom and kitchen white grouts easily stain and turn yellowish.

Black and dark grey are safe solutions. But coloured grouts with those tiles! Imagine turquoise or red or even dark yellow. Ahhhhmazing!


PYO arquitectos – Casa MA | white bathroom | white tiles | green grout colour | simple bathroom
PYO arquitectos – Casa MA // photos: © Miguel de Guzmán, Imagen Subliminal

And this doesn’t end here! Try to picture coloured tiles combined with coloured grouts. We know, colour blocking takes a lot of courage.

Ceramica VOGUE - GRAPH collection | tiles | color tiles | graphic tiles

Ceramica VOGUE - GRAPH collection | tiles | color tiles | graphic tiles
Ceramica VOGUE – GRAPH collection // design: Marcante Testa

Dan Gayfer Design - High House | colour tiles | colorful bathroom | clean bathroom

Dan Gayfer Design - High House | colour tiles | colorful bathroom | clean bathroom
Dan Gayfer DesignHigh House // photos: © Dean Bradley
PLAY – ISolutions by Imola | tiles | bathroom | blue bathroom
PLAY – ISolutions by Imola

But aren’t you sometimes bold enough to wear a colour blocking outfit?

Believe us when we say – bathroom is a great space to experiment with colours, after all, it is the one space in your apartment you don’t spend sooo much time in, yet it has the ability to cheer you up first thing in the morning!

_ _

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