January favourites

january favourites | ikea | grupa | design letters |mirta jewelry

And so the last day of January snuck upon us. How did that happen? We spent the entire month facing new, mostly work-related challenges, completely blown away by the fact how much you liked this apartment.

Also, we spent the month daydreaming about beautiful things we hope to surround ourselves with one day.

It’s not that we like material things – we truly believe good aesthetic enriches life.

We hope to inspire you with our monthly favourites, and maybe even introduce you to something new.


1:     Amazing jewellery made in Croatia, designed by one sweet girl who is also an architect :: MIRTA jewelry
2:    A new (and amazing) clock from IKEA, each of us has a reserved spot for it in our apartments :: PANORERA clock
3:    Perfect solution for small spaces, this pegboard comes with a bunch of amazing accessories to create the best storage for your needs :: SKÅDIS pegboard
4:    If you’re eco-friendly and you’re, just like us, always in search of perfect canvas bag here’s what we discovered recently and want it soooo bad :: ZUMA + check out zero.com.hr Instagram profile, you’re gonna LOVE it!
5:    This amazing felt ball rug we discovered last week on Ingrid’s blog That Scandinavian feeling, it is handmade in Nepal and THIS VIDEO of how a felt rug is masterfully created from thousands of felt balls blew our minds :: Sukhi rugs
6:    Personal cup featuring Arne Jacobsen’s hand-drawn typography from 1937, perfect gift for an architect or a designer :: DESIGN LETTERS cup
7:    Beautiful new lamp designed by Grupa, thanks for making us even more indecisive when it comes to picking our favourite Grupa lamp :: BALUNA


** This is not a sponsored post. We’re not receiving any type of payment for this. We’re simply sharing something that we like, with the hope it will inspire you to appreciate the effort designers put in their products.

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2 thoughts on “January favourites

  1. Thank you so much for selecting a Sukhi as your favorite of the month! We love the Shirisha felt ball rug too since it brings that sustainable income to women in Kathmandu.

    Thank you,
    Daniela from Sukhi


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