How to wrap gifts like an architect

Don’t judge a book by its cover.
It’s inside that counts.

But do you feel like packaging is as important as a gift inside?

Because we kinda do.

Nice gift wrap is like a cute outfit. You wouldn’t waste it on a mediocre event, right? So if you want to show someone you tried really hard to find the perfect gift, take some time to make it pretty.

Now, if you want to wrap a gift like an architect, make sure the paper, once wrapped around, looks neat. For edges, use the scotch-tape that’s almost invisible (the matt-looking tape instead of the glossy one). To attach decorations, use washi tape. And use boxes for everything whit irregular shape. Aren’t those messy gifts the worst?


When done right, wrapped presents are so decorative. And there’s actually a super simple way to include them in your Christmas styling:

1. Choose the wrapping papers that match your Christmas decorations

Are your decorations mostly white? Or red? Maybe gold or silver? Combination of two colours? When buying wrapping papers, stick to those colours.

christmas | gift wraping | craft paper | ornaments

2. Keep it simple – it’s always easier to work with fewer colours and patterns

We love kraft paper because it’s neutral. And it’s cheap, which is a good thing for wrapping paper – it won’t be long before it’s on its way to the recycle bin. But it’s also a wonderful background for all kinds of ribbons, bows and decorations.

Our go-to rule is: kraft paper plus any colour paper plus patterned paper that combines those two tones.

christmas | gift wraping | craft paper | ornaments

3. Add decorations

You can buy ribbons and bows, but this year, we’re obsessed with old and rusty cookie cutters, and tree ornaments used everywhere but on the tree.

We also love to use an additional little gift as a decoration. How about starting a tradition of giving one ornament to your son/daughter/nephew/niece each year? Wouldn’t that be such a lovely collection someday?

christmas | gift wraping | craft paper | ornaments



We hope our little gift wraps inspired you to be creative this Christmas. 😉

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