2018 free printable calendar

Oh, the December. Isn’t it weird how you want it to last forever but also feel like you have to start planning for the next year?

We are ashamed to admit, but we have our editorial calendar filled up only until the end of this month. Who knows what are we going to write about in January? Since things are about to get pretty messy for us, we thought maybe you’re also in trouble!

So we decided to share with you three calendars we designed to help you stay on top of the things. They represent different approaches to the planning process, so we believe at least one of them will work for you.

1. Planner/calendar

A month at a glance is so practical. You can write down all the tasks you have to do because here’s enough room to write notes under each date, plus extra blank space above the calendar for additional information.

2018 calendar | free printable calendar | planner

You see, last year we gave a calendar to a friend (because when printed on quality, maybe even textured paper, these calendars work wonderfully as a part of host/hosts gift around New Year!) and noticed how he writes things down under specific dates, but also uses the empty space on each paper for month related things that don’t necessarily need to be done on a certain day. It’s such a smart idea, because it allows you to keep your plan flexible, yet reminds you to get things done.

Also, having everything written down on one piece of paper instead of a hundred little post-it notes is life-changing. That’s the reason we fell in love with a concept of bullet journal, and never looked back. And this type of calendar is basically a mini bullet journal.

2. One task a day

As it turned out, running a blog while working full time is not a piece of cake. There are so many things we should be doing and simply don’t have time to do. So we decided to prioritize one task a day to do every day.

This type of calendar could be very useful if you have a goal you want to reach or deadlines you have to meet.

2018 calendar | free printable calendar | one task a day

Plus, we like the idea of just one task a day. Don’t you feel like you have a hundred things to do every day after job? We are all so busy all the time, we’re sick of hearing the word “busy”. It’s the worst!

So let’s de-clutter our to-do lists the same way we de-cluttered our homes!

3. Theme calendar

This one is so great because it’s so adaptable. You can use it to plan workouts, carpools, social events, or your blog, like we do.

It’s also easy to personalize it – simply choose your own colours and symbols. And if you’re not much of a planner – use it as a classic calendar.

2018 calendar | free printable calendar | theme calendar

Hope we helped! Share your planning advice (and seriously – blog post topics!) in the comments section, and post your photos on Instagram – we’d love to see you using these calendars.

* These are in the A4 format (29,7 x 21,0 cm) but they will print just as fine at A3 (42,0 x 29,7 cm) in case you need more space to write.

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