3 reasons to organize a workspace in a bedroom

Yes, we know.

If you work in the same room you sleep in, you won’t get enough quality sleep. Or, if you sleep in the same room you work in, you’ll have a hard time focusing on the tasks – your brain will be in the “relax mode”. Because that’s how our brains work.

But… is it?

For some people, yes. However, after years of living in homes with a workspace-bedroom combo here’s what we learned:

  1. Work – not the workspace – is the reason we don’t get enough sleep.
  2. We can procrastinate everywhere – not just near the bed.

We also learned there’s almost no such thing as a big-enough apartment. And that’s why we’d like you to reconsider the workspace-in-the-bedroom option.

This is why:

1. You want to make the most out of your apartment
(no matter how small)

A million years ago, we shared 3 things to think about while designing a studio apartment. One of those things is time arrangement. Most of us don’t have enough room in a living room to organize a small work nook there.

When you imagine a kid’s room, you probably imagine a room with a bed, a desk, and a closet. If you have kids of your own, you also imagine that room completely filled with toys. It’s a bedroom, it’s a classroom, it’s a playroom. It’s a space filled with activities throughout the day. And it’s the perfect example of making the most out of a room.

We don’t see why a grown-up room should be any different.

bedroom workspace ideas | organization | styling | ikea ypperlig

2. You need a permanent and quiet workspace

Either you work from home, or you just want a creative station for occasional projects, a simple desk can make your life a lot easier.

There’s no one who loves multifunctional dining tables more than us, after all, Tina’s dining table was our workstation throughout the college years, but sometimes a permanent workspace is a must.

We still do a lot of work from home. We write these posts, we organize mini-photoshoots, we design interiors, we make invitations or holiday cards. We work on projects from our 9-5 jobs if necessary. Now we both use a workspace in our bedrooms, not because we need peace and quiet, but because it’s so annoying to move things around all the time. The bedroom is a perfect space for that if you ask us, otherwise, we would use it only for 8h a day – while sleeping.

Different things work for different people, remember?


Even if you need a little home office nook just for home management tasks, such as paying bills once or twice a month, it could be worth it. Good organization can save you a lot of time and worry about forgetting something important.

3. Home office can be multifunctional

One might say home office doesn’t fit into the bedroom styling. 15 years ago, maybe. Nowadays, there are so many beautiful desks, chairs, not to mention stationary products. When you’re not working, the desk can look like a perfectly styled sideboard.


bedroom workspace ideas | organization | styling | ikea ypperlig

bedroom workspace ideas | organization | styling | ikea ypperlig

Also, since bedrooms often get a lot of daylight (more than bathrooms, anyway), you can use the desk as a dressing table. Basically, all you need is an extra drawer and a mirror.

What do you think about workspaces in bedrooms? Have you tried it and found out it doesn’t work for you? We would love to hear all about it. And come hang around with us on Instagram. We would love to see your organization and styling solutions!

Photos: © upgradesign

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